Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Update: Long Weekend Edition

Good afternoon, kittens.
After a morning filled with 2-hour weather delay for work, and a huge delay on the Red Line, AND internet not working at the office, I am finally able to fill you in on my Weekend of Fun and Excitement and Boozy Good Times.  (If one defines "fun and excitement" to mean "shredding about 3 years worth of old bills").
So, Friday evening, I met UberSuperCute Guy (who I met the Friday before last at a happy hour) at the National Portrait Gallery.  He was a little late because of work, but we did get to see the Hide/Seek exhibit ... which was quite interesting.  Then, we had dinner at Austin Grill.  Yum. Then, I went home.  He's a nice guy (and have a mentioned ubersupercute?), but I don't see it going anywhere.  Whatever.
Saturday, I did cleaning and shredding.  And more cleaning.  And more shredding.  And perhaps some drinking.  I also watched "The Darjeeling Limited."  It was OK.  Adrian Brody is a hottie.
Sunday, I went to the gym.  It was kind of crowded.   I ran a little over four miles in a little over 40 minutes.  I am slowly coming to realize that Treadmill Etiquette is not the same as Urinal Etiquette ... because there were about 5 empty treadmills on my left and this guy took the one open treadmill open on my right.  Seriously.  He was all up in my personal space.  OK. Not really, but still ...
After I got home, I blobbed around the house.  And, then, I went to Brian's house (Brian is a friend of Mike (Who Makes Cakes)) for a Golden Globes Viewing Party.  It was lots of fun.  I may have had too much to drink.  Mike made veggie chili and cornbread.  Yum.  I think I got home a little after midnight.
Monday morning.  Very.  Hung.Over.  BUT, I rallied in time to go out for margaritas with SCGB and Tomokito.  Well, SCGB joined us later.  Tomokito pointed out that we are getting older.  We only had 2 half pitchers of margs.  Back in the day, with three people, we would have had at least 4 pitchers.  *sigh*  After we ate (and drank), we went back to SCGB's apartment.  He made Old Fashioneds.  It was an afternoon of tipsyness.  I spent the rest of the evening on the sofa, being blobby. 
All in all, a pretty good weekend.
Have a great rest of your day!


  1. That treadmill thing happened to me twice this morning. What's up with that?

    Mmmmmm...old fashioned!

  2. I suppose I must be getting older. I haven't had an afternoon of tipsyness in many years. And I remember them with such fond affection. Sigh. Good times.