Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Not a Multi-Millionaire

Good Morning, Kittens.
Bad news.  I did not win MegaMillions.  I suppose I will get over it.  Just so you know, I would be really good at being fabulously wealthy.
I guess winning the Coke Machine Lottery was all the luck I was allowed yesterday.  In case you missed it on twitter/facebook, I put a dollar into the Coke machine down the hall from my office, pressed the "coke" button, and out came a can of Coke.  And another can of Coke.  And another can of Coke.  And another can of Coke.  And another can of Coke.  And it was starting to get ridiculous. And three more cans of Coke.  Then, the machine gave me my $0.25 change.  So, for $0.75, I got 8 cans of Coke.  Crazy.
Once home from work, I made a martini and cooked dinner - black bean chili.  After dinner, I watched "Finding Nemo" and had a fun little phone flirtation with this OMGsuperCute guy in Mississippi (who is planning to move to DC in the next few months ... so he says).
No plans for this evening.  I need to do laundry.  Make a few phone calls.  Figure out what I'm going to eat for dinner.  And strain out the Meyer Lemon-infused Vodka.  I also need to develop my Weekend Plan of Attack.   I have a three-day weekend, and -other than having a happy hour on Friday (with a trio of SuperCute Friends)- I want to spend the weekend cleaning and organizing my crazy life.  And maybe doing some shopping.  And joining the gym.  And going to the gym.  And making some doctor appointments (although I am still having difficulty finding a gay/gay-friendly doctor who (1) accepts my insurance and (2) is accepting new patients.  *sigh*).
Have a great day! 


  1. Is it really that hard to find a gay friendly doctor in metro DC? Where do your friends go?

  2. Haha. We always say that we would be really good at being rich too. I could go for a Coke machine lottery win though. Well, if it was something other than Coke or any other soda pop. Eight candy bars would be nice.

  3. We didn't win either. It's heartbreaking. Congratulations on your windfall. Will you be having a coke binge?

  4. I didn't win the $50 million up here either. Sigh. Good luck with the Dr. search, here in Canada it's really hard to find Dr's who are accepting new patients, a real shortage. Hope you can find one you like.

  5. I didn't win either :( stupid lottery!!

  6. I wish *I* could win a Coke lottery.