Thursday, February 04, 2010

Why I Hate Groundhogs

Good Morning, Kittens.
Are you bundled up?  Out shopping for supplies - bread, milk, toilet paper, gin?  Yes, it's SnowPocalypse Eve Part Deux. 
WTF?  If I had wanted this much snow, I would have moved to fucking Michigan (or Canadia!). But I didn't.  I live in the South!  Below the Mason-Dixon Line.  We are not supposed to get two 12"+ snows in the same winter.  My contract specifically states that we get ONE snow (of less than 6") only per winter.  And that should be all gone by the next day.  Alas, here we are, anxiously awaiting the Storm of the Century (Part 2!).  I am going to brave the stores, because I need chips and salsa and popcorn and something for dinner.
And gin.  I'm out of gin.  Why is life so cruel?
No exciting news from yesterday, unfortunately.  I spent most of the evening doing laundry and catching up with friends on the phone.  At least, when I'm buried under an avalanche, I'll have clean undies on.
Have a great day!  *smooches*


  1. clean undies are VERY important! What if the roof collapses under all the snow? When they dig your body out, it'll be just like a car accident or whatever, and like Mama said, always wear clean underear in case you get into an accident.

    Course, I have yet to met an EMT that admits to checking the undies cleanliness of accident victims.


  2. I have 4 cans of miller lite and like 3 inches of courvoisier. Seriously. I don't know how any of that even made it into my house. This is truly what I consider to be a State of Emergency.

    Call the National Freaking Guard.
    Because that is not acceptable liquor.

    If you see that some lady is sucking gasoline out of a Hyundai, that would be me. Trying to get drunk to cope with the second storm of the century.

  3. While here in Maine, the ground is bare and brown. It's wrong, I tells ya! Just wrong!

  4. I think Mr. Fantastic should come over to make sure you get through this impending blizzard safely.

    And on your back.