Friday, February 26, 2010


Good Mid-Afternoon, Kittens.
Sorry for the delayed posting, but -OMG- today has been like Total Oogification ... SQUARED!
But, first ... last night was a LOT of fun.  Hanging out with the German was awesomesocks.  And my half-price happy hour veggie burger was deeee-ricious.  Nom nom nom nom nom.  Nom.  Several neighbors were there and a couple of the German's friends arrived late (as did the German's <strike>GF</strike> Intended ... but she wasn't as late as the last two guys to arrive).
Then I went home and went to bed.
Who has the best Thursday nights EVER? That would be me.  Srsly.
This morning was also SuperFun!  You see, yesterday at 3PM, my client informed me that I should plan to give a brief presentation regarding my project status at a meeting the next morning (meaning *this* morning ... meaning I had about 1.5 hours to put together a fucking presentation).  So, I quickly made some calls, gathered some information and threw together a little powerpoint slide.  I emailed it to my client and the guy who was leading the meeting asking for feedback. 
This morning, no feedback.  Hm.  I wondered.  Did Mr. Leading Meeting Guy even see my slide?  I printed out a copy so that I could speak about it even if he hadn't.  At 10, when we get to the meeting, he shows me the slides for the meeting.  My slide was the only one that had more than a few words on it.  Srsly.  the other slides were like "Plan A" and "Outline" ... WTF?
This did not bode well.  And the agendaless, leaderless, clusterfork of a meeting dragged on for 2.5 hours, which meant that I did not have time to go buy lunch before my 1PM call with my company supervisor to discuss my 90-day review.  Luckily, one of my co-workers who needed to get out of the building after that meeting, decided to go out to lunch and gave me her (vegetarian) microwave meal.  Hurrah!
As for the weekend, nothing too exciting.  Hanging out with Mr. Fantastic for dinner in Silver Spring (not sure where we are going) and, then, Tomokito and SCGB might come down for drinks.  Yay.
Saturday, I must clean the house (or part of the house).  I feel like I am living in a heap of clutter.  I no like.  Then, in the evening, Mr. Fantastic and I are heading over to Mike (Who Makes Cakes)'s house for a game night or something.
Sunday, I will go to the pottery studio.
And, I have to work on Monday.  *ugh*
So, have a great weekend.  *smooches*

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  1. Drinks sound fun. Game night sounds fun. Presentation doesn't sound fun.