Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey, Guess Who's Back in Pottery Class?

Good evening, kittens.

Was that a groan of disgust I heard? But, it's true! Pottery class has begun (after the first class was canceled due to snow) ... Prepare yourself for the onslaught of pottery photos.

Like these:


Of course, before pottery class, Mr. Fantastic and I met K-Factor, the Canadian, and another friend at the movies. We saw Avatar in 3-D. It was pretty awesome (the 3-D, not the movie). I mean, the movie was a fun, silly, formulaic action adventure ... but Oscar-nominated? for Best Picture? I don't think so.

VUBOQ sez "the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is WRONG!" Now, go forth and spread the word.

And, today, I went back to work. Work iz hard. Fortunately, there was a 2-hour delay. Getting up at 7AM is soooooooo much better than 5AM. Srsly.

After work martiniz make it all better though!

Have a great night! *smooches*


  1. How do the friends like Mr. Fantastic? And how does he feel about the friends? From yesterdays picture it seems that Isabella likes him.

    Haven't seen Avatar. It's not my favorite genre. I'm interested in the grand new 3-D technique, but not enough to rush out and watch the show.

  2. rn terri9:59 AM

    Yay for more pottery! What a good photo of you, Mr. Fantastic, & Isabella!

  3. I like looking at you pottery. But I would like a martini more. Work iz hard!

  4. What a coincidence! Josh and I caught Avatar last night. I really enjoyed it, formulaic plot and all, and I think it may in fact win for best picture from the sheer epic force of the durn thing. I mean, it was immense! It was pretty freaking cool though, and even Josh liked it more than he expected.

  5. Yay, pottery class (feat. my future cereal bowl)!!