Friday, February 12, 2010

12 of 12: snOMG Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

My 12 of 12 photos aren't all that interesting this time. It's hard to be fun and exciting when you don't leave the house 'til noon.

So, Mr. Fantastic and I blobbed around his apartment (no pictures). Then, we walked to the Diner in Adams Morgan.

The Counter

I had a grilled cheese sandwich with feta, spinach, and tomato.


Mr. Fantastic had pancakes, eggs, and toast.

With a Name Like Smuckers

I also had coffee. Mmm. Coffee.


On the walk back to his place, we saw this bike.

Have You Seen My Bike

When we returned to his place, my New Boots had arrived (which I had only ordered yesterday. Zappos? It rocks). How cute are these boots?

How Cute Are These Boots?

Then, I headed back to Silver Spring.

Columbia Heights

This is the tree in front of my building.

Snowy Bush

And this is the parking lot.

Parking Lot

I took a long nap with Isabella, and, then, I flipped through cookbooks to find something to cook for Valentine's Day dinner.






And that was my day. Plus or minus a few cocktails.


  1. I'm gonna guess it was plus a few cocktails, because I just can't imagine it being minus.

  2. Gorgeous photos. Bossy took one of her shoveled sidewalk too, but yours is better. And yes, cutest snow boots in the world. But a certain frizzy-haired blogger already knew that (cough.)

  3. I approve of your boot selection.

    How exciting to be able to celebrate Valentine's Day with Mr. Fantastic!

  4. We need a picture of you next to the sidewalk to get the full scale of the snow.