Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Good Snowy Morning, Kittens.

I'm still hunkered down at Mr. Fantastic's. Yesterday, I managed to make it out to Silver Spring. I cleaned out my refrigerator (three days with no power = gross cheese. srsly). I created a warm little blanket house for Isabella. I figured out what was up with my apartment's electricity (tripped breakers in the boiler room). And, I moved the rest of Jasha's stuff up to SCGB's apartment (where we thought he would be warmer).

Then, I met SCGB for a late lunch at Adega (tomato! basil! soup!). Once we finished, I headed back to DC to await Snowpocalypse Part II (or are we at III now? srsly. Too much snow).

Last night, Mr. Fantastic's roommate stopped by. I won't say much but Much Drama ensued. Watching the interaction of those two was certainly interesting ... Mr. Fantastic trying to be a "nice guy", Roomie being manipulative. Quite interesting. The sad thing is that Mr. Fantastic considers someone who treats him with so little respect and consideration to be his best friend. My advice to him after witnessing them together for just about an hour was "find a new best friend."

Other than the roommate issues, Mr. Fantastic and I have been getting along pretty well (considering we've been snowbound since Friday). And the sex is fun ;-)

Other highlights of the past few days ... We had a Super Bowl Party on Sunday night. K-Factor and the Canadian came over, as well as Ray and his friend, Juan. Mike (Who Makes Cakes) has come over twice to watch movies on Mr. Fantastic's GINORMOUS TV. And, on Monday, we walked to Dupont Circle to meet K-Factor for Monday Margaritas at Alero. The Canadian was supposed to come to, but he was a bit overhung (can't hang with the Big Dawgs!).

Oh, and in the Most Exciting News! I ordered a Nook. Happy Early Birthday to Me! It's supposed to arrive in the next day or so, but, given the weather, who knows when I will actually get it.

And, since none of you have asked ... here's a pic of Mr. Fantastic and a friend (pix in this post were taken on Monday):
Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. So in the pic, is Mr. Fantastic the white guy or the black guy?

    J/K! He's dreamy! I bet you guys DO have fun together. And I'm having trouble deciding now which of you has the better smile. Let's just call it a tie.

    I'd say enjoy the snow, but we both know neither of us is gonna EVER wanna see snow again once this is all over.


  2. rn terri10:59 AM

    Mr Fantastic is cute! Glad things are going well for you two!

  3. Awesome!! It's so great to see a pic of him at last! :) He's adorable.

  4. OMGOBBLEZ! I was never able to make a snowman that snowman-shaped before! They just look like sad blobs wearing a scarf. Congratz! Oh! And yeah for pseudo-boyfriendz!

  5. Glad things are going well.

    I would gently suggest you tread with the utmost of caution in relation to Mr. Fantastic and his "best friend." No matter what you observe the dynamic to be between them, you most likely don't know their complete history and any well meant intervention on your part could be perceived or presented as being "the manipulative new boyfriend" and used against you in a court of social law. Just be careful.

  6. Cutez! And a great smile... I always love that in a man!

  7. I agree with David.

  8. Ditto on the David comment, but YEAH he's seriously cute. Needz pics together pls.

  9. Yummy. I'm so glad you are having fun. Are you sure you want it to stop snowing?

  10. Most excellent! And damn, that is one impressive snow man! I SWEAR you have more snow than we do. Have fun being snow-bound!

  11. I was wondering when you were going to come up for air. ;>)

    And, yes, V. Cute is Mr. Fantastic.