Friday, February 19, 2010

A Very Shallow Night Out

Good Morning, Kittens.
As you know, Mr. Fantastic and I met ShallowGal in DC for drinks last night ... and it was So Much Fun.
We went to Urbana (in the Hotel Palomar) for $5 glasses of prosecco and $8 pizzas.  Then, we headed into the hotel to meet up with some photo booth vendor that she was thinking of hiring for her son's Bar Mitzvah (in 2011!  hello advanced planning).
Once we located the Photo Booth Guy, we discovered it was part of some wedding event thingy with FREE BOOZE!  and FOOD!  and, did I mention the Free Booze?  And Chocolate?  And cookies?  And cupcakes (one of which went missing ... poor lost cupcake.  Someone left her cupcake out in the rain).  OMG.  So.  Much. Fun.
Especially the photo booth ... you can see the pictures on flickr, since I have trouble posting photos through email:
One (or all) of us may (or may not) have been slightly durnk in these pictures.  There is one more photo booth picture, but ShallowGal has it.
Anyway, hanging with ShallowGal is always a total blast-o-rama. And, there was the added bonus of Mr. Fantastic.  Such a fun night.
Of course, now, I'm at work.  Exhausted.  Slightly overhung.  And ready for the weekend.  At least I get to leave a bit early today for an appointment (a hair appointment!).
Have a great day! *smooches*


  1. Way fun night. You forgot to mention the caricaturist. We'll need to crash a few more of those.

    PS: I lost the picture. It's probably hanging out with my cupcake. And my boots. And your nook.


  2. rn terri11:17 AM

    Looks SO fun! Is your nook lost?

  3. VUBOQ durnk? I never heard of such a thing!

  4. Did someone mention cupcakes and booze? I definitely need to get out more! :-)

  5. The three of you are SO cute in those pics... RADIANT! In a possibly boozed-up, cupcakey kinda way. ;o)

    And may I also point out: Mr. Fantastic has a smile that's just as great as yours, which I would not have thought possible, because you have the best smile ever! You guys may be from different ends of the melanin spectrum, but holy shit, YOUR SMILES ARE IDENTICAL.

  6. Cupcake in the rain - ha!
    Sounds like a fantastic night. Can you clone yourself and move out here? I want fun, booze and cupcakes, too!

  7. HAHAHAH! I love the photos! I agree with Michelle M. (whom, BTW I need to reconnect with)