Friday, February 05, 2010

Security Now Knows What Color Underwear I Wear

Good Morning, Kittens.
As we await Snowpocalypse 2, how about an entertaining little story.  See ... where I work we have to pass through a security check.  Usually our bags are x-rayed and then we go through the little metal detector (which my steel-toed snow boots set off).  Today, however, the x-ray machine was borked ... which meant "visual check by security guy."
Please keep in mind that, because I am planning to spend the Snowpocalypse 2 Weekend safely ensconced within Mr. Fantastic's apartment, I packed my knapsack with clothes for several days.  Which the security guard relished rummaging through.  Also keep in mind that since I am planning to spend the Snowpocalypse safely ensconced within Mr. Fantastic's apartment, I may (or may not) have packed cuter underwear than I normally would pack.  Just sayin'.
Anywayz ... we should be getting Early Release from work today (12:30!  Boo-yah!).  Then, I'm heading over to Mr. Fantastic's.  Later tonight, I invited several friends over to watch movies on his GINORMOUS TV.  I don't know if they will come or not.  Maybe the DC-based ones will. 
No other plans for the rest of the weekend ... maybe going to Barnes and Nobles to check out the Nook.  Maybe going to check out birthday party venues.  More than likely having some red hot luvin'.
Have a safe and happy weekend!  Stay warm.


  1. Spending Snowpocalypse with Mr. Fantastic! How sweet. How romantic. How very memorable. I hope it's memorable in the best ways possible.

  2. Your weekend sounds glorious. Have FUN.

  3. Why bother packing all that super-cute underwear when it won't be on you for very long? Seems like gilding the lily to me.

  4. Cute underwear is fine. I just hope you didn't have any, erm, accoutrements with you as well. We've only had one snowstorm this year and it happened while I was away. It's your guyses turn now, ha! Try not to get too too sore this weekend now, ya hear?

  5. It's going to be a cold weekend, so the red hot luvin' seems like the best plan. Maybe it will be so hot that all the snow around his place will melt!

  6. Good luck with that red hot luvin. Don't burn yourself.

  7. Have fun keeping each other warm : P.

  8. So I [feat. Enricocopterz] are no longer your blog crushes! ::tearz for yearz::

    But since it is Lora who replaced us, I guess it's alright. :D

    Have fun wiff your sexxxy time magic!