Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Update: Tar Heel Edition

Good morning, kittens!
Well, I am back from my weekend excursion to the Tar Heel State.  It was chock full of good times.
My flight on Friday was uneventful.  I arrived in Greensboro around 930PM, I guess.  My family picked me up and we drove back to my brother's house. We talked for a bit and I went to bed.
Saturday morning, I discovered that my mother's birthday gift had broken en route.  Gah.  Plan B was put into place.
Around noon, my friend, Isa, drove up from Durham.  We met another college friend for lunch at the Village Tavern.  $5 Martinis.  'nuff said.
Once home, my parents invited Isa to stay for dinner.  So we blobbed around the house.  And then had my mom's birthday dinner - scallops and shrimps and corn on the cob and assorted other vegetables.  After dessert, grilled peaches with ice cream, Isa left.  The rest of us played cards until after midnight.
Sunday?  Very tired.  I blobbed most of the day.  Sunday evening, we went to my brother's girlfriend's house for dinner.  She cooked.  It was good.
And, then, on Monday, I flew back to DC.  My flight was a little delayed, but not too bad.  I got back to Silver Spring around 1.  I had boozy lunch at Adega.  Then, I went home and took a nap.
There was a thunderstorm!  Scary!
Then, I ironed a few shirts. 
At some point, my company called.  There is an issue with my contract.  Joy.  For the next couple of days, I may have to report to company HQ instead of to the worksite.  This is full of the suck because company HQ is in Franconia-fucking-Springfield.  About a 2-hour commute from my house.  Kill me.  Now. 
Later in the evening, I went to Whole Foods and, then, met C for dinner at Thai at Silver Spring.  I am really liking him.  *sigh*  He wasn't able to come in afterwards though so we had to act like teenagers and have a little fun in his car *wink wink*.
And, that was my weekend.
Have a great day!


  1. 2 hours - that's insane! Hopefully you can get around that. Sounds like a fun weekend with your family (and with C, too : ).

  2. That contract issue suuuucks. I am glad to hear that you are digging C.

  3. Ah, how I long for acting like teenagers in a car. Those were good times. It's been MONTHS since I've done that, months I say! :)