Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well. Wasn't That Special?

Good Morning, Kittens!
As you probably have noticed, I survived the Great East Coast (*cough* DC - the Rest of You Are Just Earthquake Wannabes *cough*) Earthquake.  So. Much. Fun.
It all started around 1:50PM.  I heard all this rumbling and my first thought was "What are those clowns upstairs doing now?"  Then, there was shaking.  And, my co-worker ran to the doorframe between our offices (totally bogarting it, btw).  And, she's all "Earthquake!"  And, I was all "EARTHQUAKE?!?!"  And, my Geico Gecko Pez Dispenser crashed to the floor. And, then, the shaking stopped (it lasted about 20 seconds, I guess), and we were both like "We're grabbing our shit and getting the hell out of here."
We were halfway down the hall when the evacuation alarm sounded.
So, we got to hang out in the sunshine for about an hour while our maintenance guys checked out the building.  No damage. This happened in June. And this happened sometime in the Spring.  Have mentioned that I think that one day the building where I work is going to implode like the house at the end of the Poltergeist movie.
We were eventually allowed back in, where we proceeded to accomplish nothing else for the rest of the day.
After work (at 5PM!  What?  No early release?), we boarded the Metro.  Which moved very. very. very. very. slowly (15mph).  A co-worker and I were all "Fuck this shit," got off the train at Eastern Market and had Happy Hour.  Yay!
A friend of my co-worker met us for drinks and then drove us to Union Station.  That took a good 45 minutes off our travel time.  Yay! 
Once home, I stopped by Whole Foods, bought some pizza, went home, ate, drank some wine, and went to bed.  Good. Times.
And, here's hoping today will be not quite as exciting!


  1. My friend in Baltimore was sent home and that meant a mass exodus from the parking lot of 1000 cars simultaneously. She sat there in her car for over 30 min. Not such a brilliant idea after all.

    Hope your Pez dispenser wasn't damaged.

  2. At least the story closed with a cocktail. A happy ending after all.

  3. I heard it but didn't feel it. I was standing. My two coworker sitting at desks felt it and everything.

    I feel cheated.

    Glad that you weren't injured in the disaster.


  4. You guys aren't exactly in prime earthquake territory (I mean, WE get WAY more earthquakes than you, where 'way' means I've been through 5 in the 22 years I've lived here...) - do "they" know what caused it? However, I am glad that your day ended with drinks - as it should be! ;-)

    -Dr. Liz (and not Fiona the dog, who slept through the only earthquake we've had since she was born... However, speaking of the dog, my verification word is 'poopo' - ironic, no?)

  5. The entire country is going to fall into the ocean, you know.

  6. I can't believe they didn't let you out early. Boo.