Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Good, the Bad, the Potentially Painful

Guten Morgen, Mein Katzchen.
Here in Vutopia, we have received a passel of good news and bad news recently.  Let's start off with the good news, shall we?
First, I do not have to make the 2+ hour commute to my company's corporate HQ in Franconia-fucking-Springfield.  Apparently, the contractual issues are being worked out and my company decided I could continue to work at the client site.  Huzzah!
Second, I had my follow-up appointment with the surgeon yesterday.  And, there is no cancer!  Yay!  However ...  (and this brings us to the bad news) ...
I seem to be extraordinarily blessed in that I am the 1 in the 1 in 10 people who need a second surgery.  Joy.  I go back to the surgeon in 3 months to determine if a second surgery is necessary.  He seems to think it will be.  Oh, whoopee. 
On the plus side (good news?), he said the second surgery will not be as intensive/excruciatingly painful as the first one.  Yay?  There is also a small chance that my immune system will kick in and the surgery won't be necessary.
Also, I have totally maxed out my deductible and out of pocket maximum for my health insurance for the year (that's what happens when you get beaten/mugged and have surgery within the same 12 month period), so this second surgery will be "free."  Woo hoo.  It's like "Buy One Extremely Painful Ass Surgery, Get One Free."  And, you know I can't resist a sale!  (I wonder if they will throw in a cute pair of black wingtips).
And, I guess that's about it.  Hope you have a groovilicious day!


  1. Wow, dude, I had no idea cancer was even remotely involved. Well that IS good news about it not being there!

    And instead of the 'cute pair of black wingtips' wouldnt you rather they thrown in a 'cute pair or black orderlies'? One for you and one for your buddy, Polt, right? :)


  2. So glad you got good news, the second surgery, not so great but if it's less painful that's good. Make sure they don't try and schedule it for Jan. 3 so your new year's deductible will kick in. That would be the suck.

  3. You need to shop better sales.

  4. Since it's all free now, maybe they can throw in some laser eye surgery and botox for good measure!

  5. David!

    I'm glad to hear this news. I have to admit, cancer is what I was worried about once I heard the kind of surgery you had. Sorry to hear about your possible need for a second surgery.

  6. Gary's done the same thing with his health insurance this year (the whole cancer/pulmonary infarction thing will do that...), so I'm urging him (and his doctor) to get EVERY single screening test he needs done this year - you know, while it's "free" (where free means we've paid out $15K for the year...). Me? I can't afford to get sick...

    Anyhoo... Sorry to hear you have to have a second surgery, but I'm glad you don't have the 'big C' - that's never fun.

    -Dr. Liz (who, BTW, is not THAT kind of doctor...*grin*)

  7. I'm so relieved to hear your good news. After that, the bad doesn't seem so bad. Still, I wish you didn't have to have any surgery at all. Boy, Stick Figure Steven is having too many horrible adventures this year. Hopefully nothing but positives will happen from here on out.

  8. Yay for no cancer!