Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Update: Family Reunion Edition

Good morning, kittens!
I hope everyone managed to survive the torrential downpour and destructive winds of Hurricane Irene.  My building fared well, only losing power for a couple of hours.  Fortunately, I had evacuated to Staunton, VA for a small family reunion.
I left early on Saturday morning, picking up the rental car around 9:30 and driving the approximately three hours to Staunton.  And, may I just say that driving is friggin' boooooorrrrring?  OMG.  I thought I might die.  I made a couple of stops along the way.  Once to pick up some coffee in Front Royal ... where the dress code at the local Starbucks is either (a) Prostitute or (b) Bible-reader.  Interesting dichotomy.
Once safely in Staunton, I tried to check into the hotel, but the rooms weren't ready.  So, I drove to my uncle and aunt's house.  We chatted.  Ate a bit.  Drank a bit.  And, members of the extended family gradually wandered in.
Around 3PM, we decided to play a round of Death Croquet.  Here is my cousin trying the Jump Shot.  After the game (which El Ganio won ... somehow), we had snacks, lots of talking, and were planning to eat on the deck.  Except the Drenching Rains of Irene began.  So, the dinner moved inside.  It was yummy.
We also had a family quiz.  I did very badly, but I did learn that my family could have been very wealthy ... too bad my Great Grandfather gambled and drank all the money and property away.  Oh, well ... Is it better to have been rich and lost than never to have been rich at all?
Later that night, my brother, his girlfriend, two cousins and I went out for drinks in downtown (Historic!) Staunton.  Good times!  I was surprised that they allowed smoking in one of the bars we went to.  *ugh*  But, we still managed to have a good time ... and eat some delicious potato wedges (served on 100% Authentic Glass).
I did not sleep very well Saturday night.  Booze + Drunk Wedding Guests + Super Soft Mattress = Not Very Rested VUBOQ.  Bah.
That morning, we (Parents, Brother, His Girlfriend, and two of Dad's Cousin) went to a local eatery for breakfast.  It was organic and yummy.  The other relatives joined us later and we all went to a park to watch the young'uns play for a bit.  Then, I drove home.
Once safely ensconced in my abode, I took a nap.  Yay!  And I went to Trader Joes.  I forget how much cheaper TJ's is than Whole Foods.  Later, C came over and went had breakfast for dinner at Eggspecations. 
And, that was pretty much my weekend.  Good times, for sure.
Have a happy Monday!


  1. You sneaky bastard! I was all worried about you all weekend. OK, there was wine. But still. I saw that bitch headed for DC and feared fo my bestest bloggy friend!!!!!

    Glad you are good. Let the good times roll.


  2. Sorry to hear about your great grandfather - I think you were meant to be filthy rich. Any weekend featuring potato wedges sounds good to me.

  3. Well, at least we know you inherited the drinking.

  4. Hey, I'm an almost-rich, too! *highfive*

    My mom's grandfather had a bunch of oil wells in Oklahoma and Texas. Somehow my great-uncle got ahold of the deeds and gambled them all away one summer when my great-grandparents were traveling. Seems the only way they could have gotten them back would have sent their son to jail, so here we are.