Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Great Sunflower Massacre of 2011

Good Morning, Kittens.

If you're friends with me on facebook, you may have already seen this, but I'm going to share it again anyway.

Yesterday, after working (nearly) a full day (!) and deciding to walk home from the metro station (mistake!), this is what I saw (or didn't see, actually):

Sunflower SlaughterWhere have all the sunflowers gone?

Apparently, our yardguy got a little carried away and -in addition to trimming all our hedges (which look very nice now)- he mistook my over 6-foot tall just-starting-to-bud sunflower plants as some sort of vicious weed.

A vicious weed that had been planted from seed in a very, neat (well, neat-ish) line and carefully tended to (well, sort of carefully tended to) all Summer long.

Needless to say, I was very upset. I was really looking forward to seeing them bloom. I had almost given up hope that they would, but a few days ago, I noticed they were starting to bud.

Well, as they say, no use crying over slaughtered sunflowers. At least I got a photo of one of them, which (oddly enough) bloomed a couple of months ago ...


Happy Saturday!


  1. It's always sad to see a bloom cut down in its youth.

  2. I would put a note in his X-mas bonus envelope noting the deduction from his tip for the cost of the sunflowers.