Monday, August 08, 2011

Weekend Update: Writhing in Pain (well, not really) Edition

Good morning, Kittens!

Well, this weekend was certainly an interesting one. After receiving the shock of the Great Sunflower Massacre of 2011, I spent most of the weekend either on the sofa or in the bed.

Two of my favorite places to be, actually.

On Saturday, I watched Harry Potter 1-4 on DVD. I finished the body of my seamless sweater, but lack the proper needles to begin the sleeves. I think, because of the number of stitches required, knitting on circular needles will be difficult. So, I need to purchase some #11 dpns. Yay.

Instead of working on the sleeves, I decided to turn the heel on my first tweedy brown sock. I used the Zimmerman German Heel. It was actually easy (once I figured out that "knit up" = "pick up and knit"). This is where I am so far:

Saturday evening, I showered (!) and ventured upstairs for a little going away party for my neighbors who are moving to Washington state in the Fall. So sad. I really liketh them. They are so pure and good and I have totally been unable to corrupt their angelic goodness. Oh, well.

However, after about two hours, I felt sort of twinge-y pain and realized that I should probably go home to bed. So I did.

Speaking of twinge-y pain, that's what I've been feeling lately. Twinges and ITCHES. OMG. The itching! I am going to assume that this is a sign of healing. The PWS is not nearly as bad (Thank FSM). But the itching is keeping me up at night. Gah. Mornings are still the worst. And usually by 12 or 1PM, I feel not quite fine, but OK.

On Sunday, I got up and took the bus to the Whole Foods. I bought supplies for the week. It was kind of a mistake, because -as I just stated- mornings are not fun. AND, I totally missed the bus home and had to walk. Owz.

Once home, I rested, took another pain pill (yay!), and eventually felt better.

Whilst watching Harry Potter 5 & 6, I did a little Hipstamatic Photo Session with Isabella (See first photo on this page and several on flickr).

I called my parents and made a yummy couscous salad for dinner.

And, I guess that's about all the excitement of the weekend.

Good times for sure.

Have a Happy Monday!

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