Thursday, December 02, 2010

I Met a Famous Blogger!

Good Morning, Kittens!
Yesterday was SuperFantastico!  I left work a little early to meet the Famous Blogger, Kelly Stern!  After reading each other's blogs since BOSSY's First Road Trip, we finally met at Smith & Wollensky's on 19th St.  They actually have a pretty decent happy hour - reduced price bar menu and $4 draft beerz.  I haven't been to the S&W in years ... maybe it was 2002? or 2003? The event was a free Johnny Walker Tasting.  Which was uberboozy ... and a very difficult day at work the next day ... I rolled in around noon and slept at my desk until 2.  The last 3 hours at work were fine though ;-)
This visit to the S&W was not nearly as intoxicating, but much more fun! And I'm looking forward to even more boozy Good Times w/ Kelly (and Bossy? and Jeff?)!
After Kelly and I parted, I headed home, poured myself a glass of wine, and blobbed until bedtime.  Oh, yeah.  I know how to live.
Not much other excitement going on here.  alas.
And, now, I must work.  *ugh*
Have a great day!  *smooches*

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