Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Update: Now With Some Pictures Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

And, here is my eagerly awaited Holiday Update with Photos. Yay!

So, my trip began, as some trips do, at Dulles International Airport, where after passing through security (and having to remove my sweatshirt ... y'know, because their high-tech metal detectors can't "see" through thick jersey?), I boarded the cute little train to Terminal A. As I exited the train, I thought, "Oh, shit. I had a rollybag carry-on."

Yes, your hero, left one of his bags at the security checkpoint. Oops. Of course, I have an excuse (or two). 1. I was pissed at having to remove my sweatshirt, so the gathering of all my scattered clothes combined with having to get dressed distracted me, and (b) I very rarely have a carry-on rollybag. Normally, I have one carry-on because I've checked a bag (one of the perks of business travel = they pay for that checked bag! Yay! More shoes for my tripz!). ANYWAY, so I had to schlep back to security to get my bag. Fun times.

Then, I went to the bar. And drank. A lot.

Eventually, I made to hip, happenin' Greensboro. My brother picked me up. We stopped at the grocery store and bought a bottle of wine and headed back to his house.

The next morning, we went grocery shopping. And I bought a shirt for church (I forgot to pack one). The parents arrived. We talked. Cooked dinner. And went to a Christmas Eve service. I did not burst into flames upon entering the church. And the church roof did not collapse. I believe those two things should prove to all of you that there is no God.

Or that He/She/It doesn't really care about what we do. You decide. No pressure.

Saturday morning (i.e. CHRISTMAS!!!!!), we awoke to this:

My Christmas presents were all wonderful. Because my brother works for the Ralph Lauren dot Com, it was a very Polo Christmas ...

1225101342.jpg3 ties, a t-shirt, a dress shirt, and a SuperCUTE hoodie sweater

I also got some money (to pay for pottery class!) and a gift card to Nordstrom's. Oh, yeah! SHOPPING! My "fun" present was from my Crazy Aunt:

1225100959.jpgWho *doesn't* need an LED headlamp?

The snow continued to snow, and many hours later, it looked like this:

We got about 6-8 inches. GAH! Srsly. WTF?

I think my brother was happy with his present (RoboRally, a supercool board game). I gave my parents a bowl and a goat (they're great for families!).

Sunday, my parents had planned to go to church, but all the churches were closed (insert "aw" sound here). We lounged around, and, then, around 1, my brother and I met with my Greensboro Fan Club. Here's a picture of me with the President of my Greensboro Fan Club:

Why, yes, I did knit that scarf for her.

And, on Monday, I woke up at 4AM, checked my flight, saw it was on time, showered, dressed, checked my flight again, saw that it was delayed four hours, and I died. Right there. On the spot.

And, from this point on, the previous post takes over (I think) ...



  1. That's just an absurd amount of snow.

  2. The snowstorm was absurd because you in NC got 8 inches, Philly had a football game postpones due to the blizzard, and NYC was shut down because of it AND out here....nary a snowflake. Not a one. Crazy.

    But I'm totally jellerz of the purple/white hand knitted scarf! Course, if I was president of your fan club, then I guess I could have one. *SIGH*. :)

    Glad you had a fun time. And that LED thingee will come in handy when the power goes out in your place one night! :)


  3. The second snow picture is gorgeous, if completely wacky. Glad you had fun and I'm pretty sure there is no god, or when I die I guess I'll find out if I was wrong.

  4. Oh my gosh! I got an LED Headlamp too! Merry Christmas.

  5. rn terri4:35 PM

    Everyone needs an LED headlamp! Glad you had such a great time and your pics are gorgeous! My family event at the parents house, required lots of booze this year to get through it.

  6. Harry has an LED headlamp too. That means that you're really cool or a nerd. I also got him that RoboRally game (but last year).

    I'm calling dibs on being the President of your San Diego fan club (and not just because that is an awesome scarf).

  7. Whoever said it's the journey, not the destination was an idiot. Don't knock the LED headlamp. I was puzzled by mine until I discovered it's great for retreiving cat toys (and other lost objects) from under the furniture.
    I have been "lurking" and reading your blog for months-love it. Happy New Year!

  8. Crazy headlamps are great for knitting in the car (assuming you're the passenger, of course).