Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It Happened On Night

Good morning, kittens.
This is the cute little face that greeted me this morning:  Awwwww.  Poor sad hungry kitty.
Last night was Super FUN!  I met SCGB and SuperCute Anthony (who we met last Saturday at CJ's Awesome Holiday Shindig) at Nellie's for Drag Bingo.  The only problem is that (1) I drank too much and (2) I didn't eat enough.  So, put that together and you have (1) me inappropriately drunk texting people and (2) very bad hangover this morning.  Anyway, Anthony is SuperCute.  Did I mention that?  I may have a little crush.  *sigh*
Also, Drag Bingo is LOUD.  So we were yelling at each other all night.  I am hoarse this morning. 
But other than the hangover and the hoarseness and the residual drunk text embarassment, I am doing Great!  It's my next-to-last day of work before I fly to NC for the holiday weekend.
Tonight will be SuperBusy, because I have to do a TON of laundry and I have to pack.  And pick up my boots that are being repaired.  And try to find a stuffed goat.
Good times.
Have a great day!


  1. Did you at least win something at bingo? LOL Good luck with the goat thing.

  2. You drank too much? I am shocked. SHOCKED!

    Drag bingo sounds like soo much fun. Happy packing!