Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Weekend Update: Not Quite Yet Edition

Good morning, Kittens. 
Well, here it is.  Tuesday morning.  And I still haven't posted about my weekend.   And I have an excuse.  I do.  And it's a really really good one.  You see, I want to include pictures.  Which means I have to blog from home (rather than via email from work).  Which means I have to upload the photos (all seven of them!) from my camera. And, when one gets home late on a Monday night and then has martinis with Tomokito until bedtime, the blog post doesn't get written.
But the weekend was REALLY fun.  And I can't wait to tell you all about it.  Except I have to wait (because I want to include photos ... didn't we cover this already?).
And, it's likely that I won't be able to post tonight (because I have a date).  Unless the date is cancelled/postponed.  Then, it could happen.
I might be able to do it on Wednesday (but I also have a date scheduled that night).
If not, I am free on Thursday evening.  So, I will definitely post about my weekend that night (unless I schedule another date ... but I don't think I will ... because I have a date on Friday night and four dates in a row is too much even for me to handle).  Better late than never, right? 
So, stay tuned.  Lots of fun and excitement is in store for us all!
Have a great day!


  1. Will you have sex with all your dates?

  2. you MUST post about all your dates too!!!! ahhh!!!

  3. As I said at the party, YOU, VUBOQ, with your copious 'dates', are my idol.:)

    7 photos.....that's it? What happened, spill vodka on the poor thing? :)


  4. you had a fun weekend in new york and only took 7 photos? that's wrong on so many levels!

  5. Don't sweat it darling, we know cameras require two hands, which would have required you to put your drink down, blasphemy!