Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Morning Quickie

Good Morning, Kittens!
Huge thunderstorm this morning has thrown everything out of whack.  At least the power is on at work (it's not at my apartment, according to a text from Tomokito).  And today is 12 of 12 ... of course, I forgot to charge my camera batteries and I can't find my camera's memory card. Joy.  It's very possible I left it on a table and Isabella turned it into a cat toy.  So, my 12 f 12 will all be cameraphone pix.  I've been sending them to Flickr (click on link near the top of the page) if you want a sneak preview.
Anyway, last night I was supposed to have a date with D.  However, he canceled at the last minute (for a perfectly valid and understandable reason).  I was still a bit disappointed.  So, instead of a hot hot date, I did laundry, made pesto, and had a drink with SCGB.  Not a bad way for the evening to have turned out, fer sure.
Oh, on the way home from work, Maryland's governor, Martin O'Malley, was campaigning outside the Silver Spring Metro Station.  I should have stopped to talk to him, but I was hot and cranky from a ridiculously long commute (made even ridiculouslier longer by some sort of delay on the orange/blue lines) and hurrying to get home to get ready for my date.
I started to think of questions I would ask the governor if I ever get the chance to meet him again.  The one I finally decided on is "When, in Maryland, will my relationship be considered equal to yours?"
(Not that I have a relationship.  It's hypothetical (for the moment)).
So, what would you ask your governor if you had the opportunity to ask him (or her) one question?
Have a great day!

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