Thursday, August 26, 2010

Metro is Trying to Ruin My Life

Good morning, Kittens!

What a craptastic day (already!). Since nothing really happened last night (I did laundry. I have a fabulous new comforter set), let's bitch about Metro for awhile ...

Metro is trying to RUIN MY LIFE.



Labor Day Weekend. Every. Single. Metro. Station. North. of Fort Totten. CLOSED! WTF? Oh, there will be free shuttle buses (whoopee!). But, let's do the math. A 6 car train can hold how many people? Maybe 2-300?

A bus can hold how many people?
Like 4? If they are thin.

So it looks like my fun-filled 4-day(!) Labor Day Weekend will be spent with many many many Metro Headaches. GAH!

And, that's not all!

In the good ol' days, when Metro was broke but still functional (as opposed to now when they are broke and dysfunctional), you were allowed to exit a station using your SmarTrip card even if you didn't have enough money to cover the fare. You could "go negative" as we say in the Metro-Rider Vernacular.

"Not anymore," says the Metro Powers That Be. Come Fall, no more going negative. Of course, they have foreseen that this could cause a problem to many many metro riders (like me), who go negative All the Time, so they are installing SmarTrip readers on the machines inside the station.

The only problem? Those machines only take cash! Who carries cash these days? It's so retro!

Which means, that I am going to become one of those sad sad souls wandering the inside of the metro station asking, "Do you have a quarter?"



  1. You could be stuck in the metro for DAYS. You'll have to get people to slip you sandwiches through the bars and over the turnstiles, and martinis in a thermos.

  2. rn terri11:21 AM

    That sucks.

  3. That's crappy and half-baked. Who carries cash?

    I presume you know about "Unsuck DC Metro?

  4. If I see you wandering around a Metro center, all haggard and non-boozy, your sparkly fabulousness a bit dimmed and begging for quarters, I'd TOTALLY give you a whole dollar! Cause that's how I roll. :)


  5. Of course I notice that they're doing the repairs the weekend AFTER the Tea Party invades because gawd forbid you should expect ole fart gun-toting out-of-towners to be inconvenienced. Good luck and don't forget to add that 40 extra minutes to your riding plans (yeah, right, more like 140 extra minutes!).