Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend Update: Sex and (No) Candy Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.
What a weekend!  *whew*  I am exhausted.
Friday, after work, I met a group of friends for happy hour at Nellie's.  SCGB and his beau, Steveandbobby (who I haven't seen since my birthday party in March), Tomokito, Mike (Who Makes Cakes), his friend Brian, and Kris (who I haven't seen in, like, 2 years) were all there.  It was a boozy good time for sure.
Saturday, after blobbing all morning, I hopped on the metro to Virginia.  I met C at Pentagon City around 3 and we went back to his place. We had cocktails, played Super Mario Brothers, and had lots and lots of hot buttsecks.  Then, we ordered pizza, watched Alice in Wonderland, went to bed, and had more hot hot buttsecks.  Sunday morning?  *ahem* a little more secks.  Then, he dropped me off at a coffee shop while he went to tai chi training.  Once that was finished, we met for brunch.  Then, I went home.  I did some ironing for the week, a little cleaning, and took a short nap.
When I got up, it was time to walk to Downtown Silver Spring to meet D for our movie date.  We had dinner at Adega.  Yum!  And, then, watched Salt ... which was awesome fun.  He drove me home and we made out for a minute in his car.  Good times.
I went to bed early (9:45ish!), but didn't sleep well.  Boo.
And that was my weekend.  Hope yours was equally as fun and exciting.
Have a great Monday!

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  1. Huh. Mine was not ever CLOSE to that much fun. :-P

    Hey, I didn't get strip searched at the border. That'a bonus right? Or maybe not. I'm unsure.