Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I <3 Cashews

Good Evening, Kittens!

I hope you had a brilliant day. Mine was chock full of rainbows and glitter and unicorns and pixie dust.

Or not.

I'm in the midst of a semi-important work project ... and another HIGH PRIORITY!!!!! work project has been ceremoniously dumped in my lap. Of course, the only reason it is HIGH PRIORITY !!!OMGWTFPONIEZZZZ!!!11111elevenz is because other people have been sitting around on their asses for 6 months. Yay. On the plus side, I am learning all sorts of interesting things about heating systems.

Meanwhile, last night I went to dinner with my friend, CJ. I invited Ray to join us as well, but he was busy. We went to MatchBox in Eastern Market and ate. ourselves. silly. OMG. So much food. the bloat! the bloat!

My skin is superdry. I hate the winter. I am ready for Spring.

New Year's Eve is fast approaching and I have tentative plans with ScooterGuy. We may go to one of his friend's homes for a party. OR, ScooterGuy may go to Florida to visit his parents for the weekend. So, my NYE options are (a) party with ScooterGuy or (b) champagne and Mad Men Season 2 alone on my sofa. Surprisingly, both options are equally appealing.

I am just not feeling the holidays this year. Don't know why, other than this past year has been such a crappy/fascinating experience. I didn't even put up my purple tinsel tree. Oh, well ...

So, that's all the news in Vutopia. What's new with you bitches kittens?



  1. Oi. My skin is icky too! As far as the latest, I went to the mall with a giftcard and good intentions... and proceeded to charge my brains out. However, I will continue looking snappy this winter! Oh, and I got Work Clothes too. BORING. Yet better fitting. YAY for being cute at work!

    So what time is *actually* Martini Time?

  2. Not feeling the holidays this year, either, but then I rarely do. Just another obligation.

    What's new with me? Superman reseated the toilet in the master bathroom. It no longer rocks side-to-side. That's the most exciting thing to happen here this week.

  3. The dry skin hasn't fully set in yet for me, but I know it is inevitable.

    I actually have a fun party to go to this year, even though I have to go stag since Josh has to work. You wanna take a bus up for a night and squire me to the shindig?

  4. Nary a thing new here. We are back in the land of ice and snow, and were planning on going skiing today, but the snow (really) and the holiday crowds made the idea of staying in bed with the doggies much more appealing!

  5. NOT FEELING THE HOLLERDAZE?! How is that possible?! This is the first year that I implemented the bloggy gift exchange so therefor this should be your best holiday in all of the 25 yearz you've been alive. (dat's how old you are...right?)

  6. I don't have a job. Being home all the time with G'ma is a little bit getting on my nerves; last night I went out and got trashed for no good reason at all.

    It snowed. I'm sick of weather that requires me to react to it. I don't want to have to make footwear choices based on nature's whims; I just want to put on my fugly but functional slip-ons and go do stuff.

    I'm getting nagged to clean out the attic. THE ATTIC. It's for STORAGE, and it's huge, but G'ma wants less stuff in it. Did I mention there's freakin' snow on the ground?

    I have to print out my resume and physically take it to the job center tomorrow to apply for a job I don't even want. This is because I can't fucking email it. WTF?

    I'm playing a gig on NYE. We have a sub bass player. It may or may not be awesome.