Saturday, December 05, 2009

Slightly Overhung Snow Blogging

Good snowy afternoon, kittens!

After many beers, 2.5 tequila shots, and side order of fries, your Friendly Neighborhood VUBOQ was too blitzed to Tequila Blog last night. Sorry. But, the happy hour with my former co-workers was So Much Fun. Lots of catching up and good times. We hope to start doing it more regularly. I didn't take any pictures, but as soon as the ones which were taken go up on Facebook, I'll steal them and post them here.

The only interesting thing that happened at work yesterday was that during a very large meeting, my "sort of but not really but thinks he is" supervisor introduced me as "Erik." Um. What? My co-workers thought it was funny and called me "Erik" for the rest of the day.


My plans for the rest of the weeked ... Holiday Party tonight at CJ's. Ray will be going with me. Y arrives at some point. On Sunday, I want to go to the pottery studio to pick up my final 11 pieces. Hopefully, they will be out of the kiln.

AND, I really need to clean and stuff.

One week 'til my work trip to San Diego!



  1. 11 pieces?! That's a lot. When I move into a house one day, I'll hire you to make all my cups/bowls/vases/lamps/etc.

  2. 2.5 shots? As in, you didn't finish one?