Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Day!

Good Morning, Kittens!

I'm off to work today ... but, yesterday, I "worked" from home ... I did actually do some work. But, I also took naps.

And knitted.

And, then, K-Factor and the Canadian BF wanted to play Death Croquet. in the snow. It was fun. And snowy. And cold. And I think Eddie Bauer did not design their croquet set for cold weather use.

Here we are, intrepid Snow Death Croquet Players:

snowcroquet 003

Then, I was reminded by a co-worker that tomorrow is my office's Round Treats Holiday Celebration. I thought it was Wednesday. Had to run to Whole Foods to buy the ingredients for gingerbread-hazelnut bourbon balls:


Have great day! *smooches*


  1. You have a great day, too!

    And wish me luck with my car (feat. sad trombone).

  2. Anonymous6:38 AM

    did someone say bourbon balls?


  3. LOL--I thought the photo of the gingerbread-hazelnut bourbon balls was a photo of snow encrusted croquet balls : )

  4. I swear, every photo of you and your friends should be captioned "It should be illegal to have this much cuteness in one place."

  5. Kinda sounds like you are in training for the Grandma Olympics: naps, knitting, baking cookies. When are you having the Colornatrix give you a blue-rinse?

  6. Snow Death Croquet has potential for much fun, methinks. It might be easier to play than Calvin Ball.

    I like the scarf you're wearing in the terminally-cute-Snow-Death-Croquet-Players-with-beautiful-toothy-smiles picture. Did you make that one?