Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Have a Winnar

Congrats, Ms. Clio Bluestocking.

Not only did you impress the judges with your love him, and squeeze him, and name him 'George' comment. But, the Random Number Generator also picked you. Twice Blessed = Free Vase. Huzzah.


For the other commenters, Thanks So Much! And, y'know, there are 87 gabillion more pieces of pottery. Stay tuned for More Exciting Giveaways. Grrl gotta get rid of this stuff ... before the new session starts in February.

May not be able to post tomorrow ... so here's my weekend rundown. Friday: Tomokito's Bad Mommy Happy Hour at Nellie's. Then, I have a date with ScooterGuy. We're having a late dinner at a local Ethiopian restaurant.

Saturday, I'm running lots and lots of errands and stuff. Updated to add: And, it's 12 of 12. And, it's my company's annual Holiday Party. Free food and booze. Bring it on, bitches.

Sunday, I fly to San Diego for the week. It's for work. I'll be busy during the day, but if anyone is free in the evenings, let me know. I'd love to meet up or something. I'm already looking forward to hanging out and having Many Many Martinis with the fabulous Michelle M. (not to be confused with the other fabulous Michelle M., Mush).

Have a great weekend.


  1. There really are a lot of us Michelle M.s running around. Good thing we all RAWK!

  2. After many many martinis you may be seeing many many Michelle M.'s.

    goblinbox - indeed we do.

  3. WhooHoo! Happy Snoopy Dance! I won George the vase! I will kiss him and hug him!