Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Morning, Kittens.

I hope you are recovering from your weekend activities. I know I am going through the complete Family Detox. Whew. Love my family, but -srsly- 2.5 days of them all together in one place is just about right.

So, anyway, on Xmas Morning, I awoke, really really early to bus and metro to the airport. I felt like total crap. Stupid cold. DC National Airport (DCA) was pretty dead and going through security was a breeze. Lots of cute boys apparently travel on Xmas Morning. Yayz.

I arrived in Greensboro. My brother and father picked me up. We went back to the house. I wrapped presents and drank lots and lots of coffee. Then, we opened presents. From the brother, I got a Barnes and Noble Gift Card (yay!). From the parents, I got an argyle sweater, a shirt and tie, a Target Gift Card, some moneyz, and several pieces of pottery.

I know it probably seems weird to give *me* more pottery, but I have several blue and white serving dishes from a NC potter. That potter is discontinuing the blue and white glaze, so the Parents picked me up a deep dish pie plate, a casserole, a dinner plate and a salad plate for me.

My crazy aunt (my Mom's sister) gave me a mushroom/penis magnet. My brother got the potato/poo magnet.

One of my brother's friends joined us for Xmas Dinner. After he left, we watched TV and played games.

The next day (Saturday), more food, more games, more TV. And, then, my brother and I went to a local bar to meet up with some of his friends. Boozy good times. We came back to the house, ate dinner, and played more games.

We all turned in early because my flight back to DC was supposed to be at 630AM. However, around 3:30AM I got an automated call from US Air saying the flight was delayed about 2.5 hours.

Turns out, DCA had a water main break which flooded the lower floor ... which is where our gate was. Anyway, I arrived home around noon after stopping by Whole Foods for some necessities, checked email and took a two-hour nap.

Later, I self-medicated with homemade ginger-lemon-chili tea. Some neighbors came down for cocktails. After they left, I got ready for another exciting week of work. Joy. Rapture.

Have a happy Monday! *smooches*


  1. Happy Monday to you too... I am still considering it the weekend as I took the day off. Mel gave me a lovely mug that you made... thanks!

  2. and you know those magnets were made by hand by some little old lady at a church bazaar...

  3. I would debate whether your aunt is the crazy one.

    Glad you were There And Back Again, safely and with little incident other than lots of drinking. Sounds like a pretty good haul of gifts from the fambly.

  4. Congratulations on surviving the holidaze. Welcome back.

  5. You are supposed to take a picture of yourself IN the argyle sweater. So we can ooh and ahh and tell you how cute you are.