Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'll Be Home for Xmas Eve *sigh*

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

Here's a photo of a cute guy I saw on Metro this morning:


The book he's reading is called "Holographic" (or something like that) ... Science Fiction maybe?

We had early release today. Yay! I finished work at noon. And, I'm off tomorrow. Hurrah! Who wants to play?

And, by "play" I mean "do my laundry" and "wash my sink full of dirty dishes" and maybe even "cook me dinner."

Anyway, yesterday, I had a date with this guy, the Canadian. We have been communicating for awhile but have never been able to meet because of conflicting schedules. We went to Helix Lounge. It was fun. Good conversation. A couple of drinks. Decent food. Not a bad evening.

Once home, I shot him a short email saying I made it home, had a good time, would like to see him again at some point. This morning I got the reply: "It was nice meeting you. Have yourself a merry little Christmas."

Um. What? Brush off? Seems like it to me. Oh, well. I may email him when I get back from NC to see what's up. We'll see ...

On the way home from the date, my Christmas Eve Date (aka Scooter Guy) called to cancel. His parents have been visiting since Thanksgiving and have decided to leave Xmas morning ... which means he will need to spend time with them on Xmas Eve. What up with that? Shouldn't he have chosen me over them?

So, here I sit with no Xmas Eve Plans. I guess I will be all alone, watching movies and stuffing my face with booze and popcorn ... which actually doesn't sound half bad.

And maybe I can get my StickSteven Year in Review finished (and by "finished" I mean "started").

I shouldn't stay up too late on Xmas Eve anyway. I have a 9AM flight to NC on Xmas Morning.

Tonight, I'm heading up to SCGB's apartment for a little shindig. I'm taking the leftover gingerbread-hazelnut bourbon balls. So even more people can taste my ginger balls!*

And, that's about it for now. *smooches*

*That joke never gets old, does it?


  1. Well, he did add the quasi-cute tagline to the text, so it wasn't totally brusque and write-off-y.

    As for the canceled Xmas date, um, no comment.

    Sorry you will be plan-less on Xmas Eve. I'd say join me, but the bus ride would suck and you'd never catch your flight the next morning. Then you'd be plane-less! Ha! Ha! Ha Ha!

    Have a great holiday and gets lots of loot from the folks.


  2. Alas, I still do not get to taste your balls.

  3. No, it doesn't get old. You're a natural redhead, too, aren't you?

    Word verification: Paingle -- is the like a painful giggle?

  4. Yeah, those are song lyrics. Not necessarily a blow off... unless there was more you didn't tell us, I'd say he was being cheerful.

  5. Yeah, this cancelled xmas eve story doesn't get any better with the retelling.

    In perhaps better news: "Have yourself a merry little Christmas." These are my favorite xmas lyrics of all time, and followed by "Let your heart be light..."

    It's very sweet. And maybe hopeful. Not a brush-off.

  6. Sorry your date is canceled. I'm doing nothing on Christmas Eve myself. Yay...

  7. traveling on xmas day? Take a flask....smooches....

  8. Wow, your balls really get around.

    Sorry your plans fell through. He totally should have chosen you over his parents. Sheesh.

    Booze and popcorn and movies sounds excellent and probably what Harry and I will be doing, too.

  9. Christmas eve for me consists of spending lots of quality [read as: inebriated] time wiff mi familia.

  10. I'll take booze and popcorn over possibly awkward dating situation any day. But I'm over forty. Hugs.