Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

Good Morning, Kittens.

It's a Popsicle World in the Winter/ When the sleet covers the ground.

And I have to venture forth to work. Ugh. Fortunately, I should only be working a half day. I think I am going to chicken out on my New Year's Eve date with ScooterGuy ... especially if this weather sticks around. I would rather hole up on my sofa with a kuddly kitteh, a bottle of champagne, and Mad Men Season 2. Oh, Don Draper, come give me a New Year's Kiss. *mwah*

Perhaps I will even type up some sort of "end of the year/looking forward to the next one" kind of post. That seems like a unique thing to do (*cough*).

OK. Must start getting ready for work. Have a great last day of 2009!


  1. Maybe Scooter Guy would enjoy coming over to keep you warm.

  2. Yeah, what Mel said! Although I can see the allure of the kitteh, and absolutely the allure of Mad Men.

  3. Have a great day, yourself. Be safe, stay warm.

  4. I still vote for the date.

  5. I'm antisocial, so I'd stay home with the kitteh and Mad Men. In fact, I think I'm staying home with the doggies and the kitteh and watching Gossip Girl (oh shut up!) while the spouse watches football.... Because we are party animals like that. ;-)

    Happy New Year!

  6. We're having a champagne/sofa New Year, too.

    Best wishes for you in 2010!