Thursday, December 03, 2009

Negroni Blogging

Kittens! I am home.

Work was so much fun today (*cough*). After work, I ran errands. I picked up a pair of boots that were being repaired. I ran to Whole Foods. And when I finally got home, I had to do several days worth of dishes. Here it is nearly 7PM and I'm just starting Martini Time.

When did life get to be so difficult?

Oh I miss those halcyon days of boozy lunches and afternoon naps with the kitteh... *sigh*

On the bright side, I now get paid a living wage.

Tomorrow, my former co-workers are gathering for a happy hour. If you remember, these are the co-workers that always start the happy hour with a round of tequila shots. So, possibly no posting tomorrow (either that or extremely durnken Tequila Blogging).

Have a great night! *smooches*


  1. I am glad you are earning a living wage. I am sorry your halcyon days are gone.

    I miss you. Hi! *waves*

  2. anne marie in philly10:48 PM

    I second goblinbox!

    I gotta notion someone is going to be feeling all *blurg* on saturday...

  3. Ruh-roh, where's our drunken blogging?

  4. Have a great time after you shout "yabba dabba do" and slide down the dinosaur tail.

    And speaking of tail...