Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Update: Zombie Edition

Good morning, Kittens!  Happy Monday!
Friday, after work, I was feeling kinda like box wine and frozen pizza.  So, I made pit stops at the likker store and the Whole Foods.  I spent the night drinking, knitting, and watching DVDs.  I started watching the PBS series "Downton Abbey" ... It is soooooo good.  OMG!  I only saw the first two episodes.  I can't wait to watch the rest.  My favorite line so far was when the Dowager Countess said, "Weekend?  What's that?"
Saturday, I went for a 7 mile run.  Then, I cleaned a bit before meeting SCGB, K-Factor, and the Canadian for brunch at Eggspectation.  After brunch, I bought a new pair of running shoes.  Went home. Cleaned more. Around 3PM, Tomokito and I headed into DC for "Mommy's Night Out."  We met SCGB and Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for many margaritas at Lauriol Plaza.  Then, SCGB left, and the three of us walked to 9 (the bar formerly known as Mova and Halo) for 2-for-1 one cocktails.  Steveandbobby joined us there.  We left pretty early (like before 10), but we were pretty durnk.  Thankfully, Steveandbobby drove us home.  Yay! 
Once home, I went online for a minute and discovered that my OKCupid Profile had been visited ... by my doctor!  I was slightly creeped out.  At least it was OKC and not Manhunt or A4A or something.  Still, (1) I didn't know he was single, and (2) does there need to be a two?  I'm hoping he just clicked on it, realized who I was, and clicked away ... Fortunately, my next appointment is not until mid-November, so I can pretend to have forgotten all about him checking out my profile.
Sunday morning, I wasn't super hungover.  Huzzah!  So I was able to get a few things accomplished before heading to the pottery studio.  At the studio, I threw a wide bowl-like-thing and I trimmed and attached a handle to a lidded cannister.  Once home, I made veggie broth and ironed like 10 shirts (and a pair of pants).  Then, I knitted and watched "Pride & Prejudice" (the A&E miniseries with Colin Firth).
So, a pretty chill, yet fun weekend.  I even managed to get to bed at a reasonable time (10!).  However, I had this really weird dream about being in the desert and being attacked by zombie-like creatures.  Around 1:15AM, I woke myself up saying "Help me!" and actually punching the pillow beside me.  I hit it really hard, because my hand is still a little sore.  After that, I did not sleep very well.  *ugh*  A little tired this morning for sure.
Lots of stuff on the calendar for early this week, so I may not be able to update until Wednesday or Thursday.  Tonight, I have pottery class (yay!).
And, in even more exciting news, M is arriving in town tonight!  He will be staying with his BFF this evening and then, tomorrow night, he will be staying with me.  Yay!  I am cooking dinner (Thai-inspired black bean and sweet potato stew).  And, then, I guess we will be able to catch up and talk a bit about life and stuff. 
I have a feeling I am going to be v. tired on Wednesday.
And, that's about it.  Have a great day!


  1. Yeah, the doctor thing is creepy. As you said, maybe he quickly realized the error of his ways. Pretending it never happened is probably for the best or you'll be totally creeped out.

  2. Probably the doctor was just clicking through profiles. Or maybe he recognized you and was curious (but not in a romantic way). Just ignore it.

    Good luck with M.

  3. Yikes about the doctor. Unless he's filthy rich, single and your type...
    I loved Downtown Abbey! Thomas is so evil - and I love the Maggie Smith character (I don't remember her name). They're going to have a season two. I don't think it airs until 2012, though. I'm going to watch Upstairs, Downstairs (which I've never seen) to tide me over.

  4. I have D.A. on my Netflix queue. Now I want to bump it up so I can watch it sooner!!

  5. I wouldn't be creeped out by the doctor Internet visit, especially if he's cute and all. If not, well, then maybe ew.


  6. I loved Downton Abbey! Watched the whole series on Netflix! Yay!

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