Friday, September 16, 2011

Is It Friday Yet? IT IS!!

Good morning, kittens!
TGIF, fer sure.  Right?
It has been a long week (even though I was off on Monday), and I am glad it is coming to a close.
I should have gone for a run last night; however, a cold front was moving in.  It was rapidly cooling off and a bit drippy spitty rainy, so I opted to stay in and cook dinner.  Which I did.  Mushrooms, sugar peas, yellow bell pepper, and tofu stir-fried in a soy/mustard sauce over red & black rice.  It was tasty.
I also discovered that hot green tea makes my Horrible Tongue Canker Sores feel better.  I have been drinking LOTS of green tea since then.
While I was cooking, C texted to see if I wanted to come over.  His text was a little confusing, saying that it was a bad night for Happy Hour.  So, I assumed that he had happy hour plans which were cancelled.
After some internal dithering, I decided to go over for a couple of hours.  It turns out that his text was referring to me going to happy hour (which is odd, since I hadn't mentioned any happy hour plans).  His big plans were to work at home and watch some football game (and that would be the reason he didn't want to go out with me last night when I suggested meeting up a few days ago.  a football game.  really?).  Anyway, we hung out for a bit, had an interesting -but not entirely enlightening- discussion about our communication issues.  We watched some football (*gack*).  And, we made plans to meet up in DC after work tonight. 
As for the rest of the weekend, the Great Apartment Purge continues.  I need to grocery shop.  Go for a run.  I'm supposed to meet up with Ray at some point.  And, probably, do a little job searching.  Good times.
Have a great day and superfantastic weekend!


  1. You two and texting don't seem to mix. Football is sooo boring. If I watch it with Harry, he has to rub my neck. Maybe you could work out a deal like that with C...

  2. Football, on occasion, is reason for not doing something else, HOWEVER, it should be said upfront that that's the reason for not doing something else. When I dated Freddie, and the Cowboys were playing, he knew not to call, cause I wouldn't answer, or if he was at my place, he took his laptop into the bedroom. But he knew that upfront. And not just any old football game either, that's why i say, it's only on occasion.

    Having said that, I hope your tongue gets better real soon!