Monday, September 05, 2011

Weekend Update: Labor Day Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

What a superfuntastic weekend I had. On Thursday, after work, I met C for a fun-filled dinner at Jaleo. He had never been there before. The food was fabulous. And we had lots of sangria. Yum. Then, I had to go home to pack.

On Friday morning, I boarded the train to the City of Brothers Who Love! Yay! Once there, I got on the trolley (they go underground!) and met the most fabulous Lora at the Continental for lunch (and martinis!).

Lora had to go back to work (boo), I went to the hotel. Then, I walked around for a bit. And maybe had some gelatto ... and then I might have had a cocktail.

I staggered back to the hotel and waited for David to arrive. he finally did! Yay!

We rushed back downtown to catch Lora's Improv show. It was fun. and funny! After the show, David and I went to some restaurant/bar and had food and cocktails.

David, Lora, and Me

The next day, we had a delicious brunch (with a slightly out of it waiter) and went shopping! yay!

Then, we met Lora and a friend of hers at Monk's Cafe, where we had yummy seitan cheesesteaks ... and lots of beer.

David left to go to a show of some sort. I continued to hang with Lora and friend for awhile. Then, I went back to the hotel for disco napping.

David returned (eventually) and we went for dinner at Parc on Rittenhouse Square. They have delicious cocktails. And, then, we went to Woody's and some piano bar. Good times. Very boozy. Very friendly underwear-only-wearing shotboys. Got home about 2ish?

Sunday, we went to the Museum of Art (it's Pay What You Want on the first Sunday of the month). And, then, had brunch at the London Grill. Then, we went shopping. And *may* have had more gelatto.

And, finally, we headed to the station. Where we had drinks. Yay. And, then, I got on the train and David boarded his bus.

Today, I ran some errands. Cleaned a bit. SCGB and Tomokito came over for martinis (with Philadelphia's own Bluecoat Gin). I ironed a few shirts.

And, now I am blobbing on the sofa contemplating another cocktail. My life is so fun.

You can see the few pix I took in Philly here. Hope you had as fabulous a weekend as I did! *smooches*


  1. yay!! so much fun!

    I'm sorry about Sunday, but was super happy to see you the other days!

  2. I wish I had been there.

  3. You have the most fun (and delicious) weekends. Cucumber gelato sounds weird, but the raspberry, nectarine and watermelon sound scrumptious.