Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pottery. Class 1.

Good morning, my sweet sweet furry purry little kittens!  How are we doing this fine (if slightly drippy rainy dreary) day?
Last night was my first pottery class for the Fall session.  YAYz!  The bad news is that the class scheduler people made a mistake and the class is mixed beginners and intermediates.  UGH.  Which means I won't have much time with the instructor because she will be working mostly with the pathetic beginners.  The class is all women except for me and this Korean guy (who is cute) ... but who totally pushed my "Grrr.  Go By Your Real Name" Buttons, when the instructor asked him how to pronounce his name and -without even telling her- he said, "You can call me James."  Um.  Great.  But that wasn't the question.
Now, I get that some names are difficult to pronounce.  However, no one will ever say it correctly if you don't bother to teach them.  There is an Indian woman in the class with a rather long, complicated name, but she wasn't all "Just call me Sally" ... she told everyone how to pronounce it.  Yay for her.  I guess the point of all this is my first impression of "James" -even though I'm sure he's a nice guy- was not all that great. /soapbox
In pottery, I made a lidded cannister thing.  I think I should concentrate on making lids.  They are hard, and I suck at it.
This session, the class filled up before K-Factor could register, so I am very grateful that M is letting me use his car while he's working in Vegas (as a showgirl.  haha.  kidding).  I got home a little after 10PM.  In the past, when I have taken the Metro, I don't get home until nearly 11. 
I was still very tired when I awoke this morning.  Very.  Very. Tired.
and, now, I'm at work.  slogging through the day.
Yay me!
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Before me, David had a Korean boyfriend whose name was Dong. Maybe "James" is sensitive about his.