Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Snapshot of My Mood

Good morning, kittens!
I think it's the rain, but my mood has not been stellar lately.  At least I'm blaming it on the rain ... and the stars that shine at night.  Things with C have been stagnating.  I think mostly I'm upset that he didn't go to Philadelphia with me ... and I am wondering if he's trying to distance himself from me emotionally.  Our Sunday date after I returned from Philadelphia never happened.  And, last night, he texted to see if I wanted to do dinner and drinks tonight.  Unfortunately, I had already made happy hour plans.  I suggested getting together Saturday or Sunday.  He said no to Saturday (with no explanation ...) and he was unsure about Sunday. I feel the drifting apart happening.  And I don't seem to be overly upset about it.  However, it is on my mind.  I'm pretty sure the end is near.  Oh, well.
I have the inkling of an idea for a short story that I need to get down on paper ... maybe tonight.  It will be loosely based on my former neighbor's descent into manic depression, exacerbated by her decision to go off lithium.  I kept all the notes she scrawled on random bits of paper and slipped under my door at odd hours of the night.  And, I feel, now that it's been a couple years and she's moved away, I have enough distance to "borrow" pieces of her life.  Rain and being in a funk make good writing.
This morning, I deposited some money into my ING account, and -for the first time since being unemployed- my account balance is over $10K.  YAY!  Financial cushion ... Except, my surgery bills are starting to roll in ... $100 to the anaesthesiologist, $500 to the hospital, and -here's the kicker- nearly $2500 for lab work.  HWHAT?  Yeah, apparently, they sent my samples to an Out-of-Network lab.  I am still trying to figure out what to do.  Not thinking about it over the long holiday weekend was nice.  Unfortunately, ignoring a problem doesn't really make it go away. This week, I'll call my insurance company to see what they suggest.  After that, I guess I'll have to talk to my surgeon's office and the lab.  UGH. 
I guess that's about it for now.  I should probably get back to pretending to work.
Have a great day!


  1. I don't know -- If C invited you to dinner it doesn't seem like he is really distancing himself that much. He might just be busy over the weekend. Wait and see.

  2. Dealing with insurance companies is the worst - almost worse than having a medical procedure. Good luck to you.

    Congrats on your savings _ I hope you get to keep most of it!

  3. Call the billing people - you can usually work out something. Particularly if you say, "I just don't have that kind of money, what can we work out?" Trust me, I've had to do this, since my el-crappo insurance doesn't pay for the first $3000 of medical bills. If you need any input manic-depression, I live with a bi-polar spouse, and my dog trainer is also bi-polar (and she has very good insights on both herself and my crazy spouse). Just saying...

    -Dr. Liz (and not Fiona the dog, who has better health insurance than I do...)