Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend Update: Purging Edition

Good afternoon, Kittens!  Happy Tuesday!
I had a very nice long weekend ... although there was some (minor) drama with C. Friday night, I drove over to his place.  Google Maps sent me some weird way and I had to drive all around trying to find the entrance to his complex.  Once I finally found it and gave the guard the apartment number I was visiting, the guard told me that they started towing at midnight.  What?  I was confused.  I mean, they had my car information.  But, whatever. So, when I finally got to C's apartment, I was a little snippy.  My bad.  And I had to leave at midnight. Which made me wonder what was the point of even going over there.
Saturday, I worked on de-cluttering my place.  So far, I have 2 bags of clothes to donate ... with much more still to go.  In the evening, I metro'ed into DC to go running with a friend.  We ran about 7 miles.  Then, we had frozen pizza (nom!).  I ended up crashing at his place.  Sunday morning, I made breakfast (pancakes and scrambled eggs) and, then, headed home.  I did more de-cluttering.  Around 5PM, I texted C to see if he wanted to hang out.  He had previously said he couldn't hang out on Saturday, but might be able to on Sunday.
So, I texted this: "Do you have any interest in meeting up tonight?  Or should I make alternate plans?"
He responded: "I'm not really sure I needed the second part of that message.  I'll be home tonight if you want to stop by.  Feel free to go with your alternate plan if that's more to your liking."
I was all "What?  Huh?  Srsly?"  So I texted back: "You don't like being my first choice? What do *you* want?" (which is a question he asks me a lot), 
And he wrote back: "I'll be home tonight if you want to stop by.  Feel free to go with your alternate plan if that's more to your liking."
Which really kind of pissed me off.  Which meant I texted back: "That doesn't really answer my question, but ok.  I will let you know later if I'm up to driving over."
Needless to say, I wasn't.  K-Factor and the Canadian stopped by with a bottle of wine.  Which we drank. And talked about their wedding.  And pottery.  And my trip to Philly.  Around 930, I texted C to let him know I wasn't coming over.
On Monday, I was off.  Yay!  So, I drove to Trader Joe's to do my grocery shopping for the week.  I did a little yardwork.  I had a boozy lunch at Adega.  I came home, did a little more decluttering, took a nap, and around 4PM my neighbor who is moving to the West Coast on Thursday came down for happy hour.  Then, I went for a short (2 miles) run.  For dinner I had veggie corn dogs.  Nom!  And I putzed around until bedtime.  Yay!
All in all, a pretty fun weekend.
Hope your weekends were chock full of fun!


  1. Text messaging a romantic interest is a minefiled best avoided. Your initial text, "Do you have any interest in meeting up tonight? Or should I make alternate plans?" carries (or at least certainly could carry; try reading it in different tones) an implict criticism or attack that "Would you like to get together tonight?" would not have. This is particularly the case if you're coming off an episode of snippiness.

    I'm dating someone right now whose texting style clashes with mine, and we spend a lot of time on the phone walking back annoyances that developed during texting. I think that texting is better used to relay simple information that's useful to have in writing (name of the restaurant, time of the movie, etc.), but if you have to text, you may want to consider how it might be perceived.

  2. Did he think "alternate plans" meant another guy or something? I agree with Ted, texts can be ambiguous or misleading. Hurray for talking on the phone.

    I'm glad you didn't post pictures of the pancakes* because I'm starving.

    *waffles are better

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I would have read that text the same way that C did. The second part gave it a negative feel.