Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Update: Thanksgiving Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

and, weeeeeee're back. Who missed me the most?

So, the four-day weekend was Chock Full o' FUN and ADVENTURE ... actually, I spend most of it like Isabella, curled up on the sofa. I watched movies. I knat. I drank. like. a. fucking. fish.

Oh, hello, Glass of Wine, who is helping me type.

Thursday (aka Thanksgiving), I got up EARLY (like 6AM) to run the Turkey Chase 10K with some of my neighbors. I finished in 1:03:22, which is not too bad considering the course is HILLY and it was COLD and WET out.

After the run, we went to K-Factor's for a delicious brunch. Mimosas! Coffee with Candy Cane Vodka! Brunch ended, and I headed downstairs to nap and knit and nap and knit and cook.

I had Thanksgiving Dinner at my neighbors' apartment. I made braised butternut squash with pesto pasta:

Braised butternut squash w/ pesto pasta. why yes, i did make the casserole.

and spicy sauteed brussels sprouts with hazelnuts:

Spicy Sauteed Brussels Sprouts w/ Hazelnuts. why yes I did make the caserole.


Friday and Saturday were lots of the same - food, booze, knitting, naps, shopping, food, booze, naps, knitting, booze, friends ... Good times.

I am making some progress on my seamless sweater:


Sunday, I did some winterizing of my drafty bathroom window. Then, I went for a run. The highlight though was seeing BURLESQUE with friends.

And then having booze with friends.

And then totally dreading going back to work.

How about a photo of habenero peppers ...

Have a great day!


  1. Your sweater looks great. I'm not really looking forward to heading back to work either. Ugh. Must get my unmotivated butt in gear.

  2. yum- b. sprout recipe please!!

  3. rn terri10:38 AM

    I think I missed you MOST! Yummy looking food. Sounds like you had a fun holliday, I spent mine moving in my new apartment....:-(

  4. The internet is lonely without you.

  5. I am wondering if you'll give us the secret to vodka infused ANYTHING? peppermint, habanero, any other Holiday Ideas? Hmmmmm ?

  6. Work was *such a drag today. It took forever to end. I'm curious to see what your sweater will look like when it is done.

  7. Congrats on the successful 10Ks.
    Knitting and napping and nipping sound like a perfect way to spend a weekend.