Monday, November 01, 2010

Weekend Update: Sanity Edition

Good afternoon, Kittens!

What a totally insane weekend! Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until David gets back to NYC to see more pictures (than the few I took with my cell phone). His camera's batteries died, so I loaned him my rechargeable ones.

Anyway, David arrived Friday around 4:45. Which was near perfect timing, since I finished work at 4. Once he disembarked, we headed up to the Convention Center so I could pick up my (and a couple neighbor's) Marine Corps Marathon 10K Packets.

After that, we headed back to the Spring, did a little grocery shopping, and then went to El Golfo with SCGB for dinner. Mmmm. Once home, Tomoko came down and the four of us watched a movie and drank wine. Yay! Wine!

Saturday morning, we slept in a little and then, once Eric from Baltimore arrived, headed to the Rally to Restore Sanity. It was INSANE. Metro was crazy busy, so we ended up taking the bus (which was probably the thing to do). The crowd at the Mall was huge. See:

Rally shot

And there were people with signs:


After awhile, Eric from Baltimore got bored and left. About an hour later, my legs started to hurt. And I started to think, "Hm. I have to run 6.2 miles tomorrow. Maybe I shouldn't be standing up so much?" So, I struggled through the crowd and walked to the Navy Memorial where I sat in the sun and people watched until the Rally ended and David found me.

Then, we walked up to U Street for a late lunch/early dinner at Ulah Bistro. nom. Even several hours after the Rally ended, metro was still packed. Un.Pleasant. We did make it home though (yay!) and we walked to the Giant to buy supplies for my Post-10K Party.

Sunday morning, we had to get up SUPEREARLY. OMG. We left home at 6:15ish. The race started at 8. We met up with our friends and everyone had a great run! Yay! I finished in 59 minutes 23 seconds. Which was a smidge under my goal of one hour. Hurrah.

Once home, I cleaned up and walked to the Whole Foods to finish party shopping. I then cleaned the house and did food prep. David, who had met friends for brunch, helped a lot when he got back. Yay!

is taking a pre-party break w/ Miss Kitty Isabella and David (@dpaste)

Party started around 4. About 10 people came. Lots of snacks. I made ginger-infused vodka, which we mixed with the pineapple/orange/lemon punch. Delicious.

I may have gotten a little tipsy.

This morning, we got to sleep in. yay! And then we headed into DC for lunch at Jaleo and wandering around the National Portrait Gallery/Museum of American Art. David boarded his bus at 3. I am typing this up and then I am taking a nap.

Pottery class later tonight. Hurrah. But back to work tomorrow. *sad face*

Have a great evening! *smoooches*


  1. Congrats on beating your goal!!! I notice Isabella is quite helpful in the party preparations, as well!!! (Could I use more exclamation points?!? My editor limits me to so many a page... Same with ellipses... Heh.)


    Dr. Liz (although Fiona the dog is half-covering the keyboard, so maybe she should be included, too...)

  2. Wow! You sure can pack a lot into one weekend. I watched the rally on tv. I was hoping maybe I'd catch a glimpse of you and David, but then I saw how big the crowd was - so I fell asleep instead.

    Congratulations on your race time! And on getting a little tipsy : ).

  3. "I may have gotten a little tipsy."

    I am SHOCKED! Shocked, I tell ya, shocked! :)


  4. David helped by napping on the couch? LOL I could help like that, I'd be a BIG help. :-)

    Congrats on your time. That's amazing. Yay you! I saw David's Rally pics. Ack! So many people but many cool signs.

    Next year ... full marathon. :-)

  5. rn terri10:16 AM

    Congrats on your time! Looks like a crazy busy weekend!

  6. So sorry to miss it all. Congrats on the awesome running!