Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Good Morning, Kittens!

Today is a Very Special Kitten's Birthday!

As I was cleaning out my file cabinet a few weekends ago, I happened across Isabella's medical records. According to those records, she was born on February 1, 2000! She and my brother have the Same Birthday!

(which I guess means that today is TWO Very Special Kittens' birthday ...)

Anyway, in honor of my sweet, sweet kitteh's birth, I made a donation to the Washington Animal Rescue League's Silver Whiskers Fund for Cats. It's a special program WARL has for the harder-to-adopt older kitteh:

The Silver Whiskers Club aids in the adoption of older cats, cats with chronic but manageable health problems, and cats with disabilities. It offers the following incentives to adopters of cats selected for participation:
  • A comprehensive, free medical evaluation, including all appropriate diagnostics, prior to adoption;
  • A complimentary pre-adoption consultation with a League veterinarian;
  • Lifetime, free medical care and support for the cat at the League’s Medical Center for all pre-existing health conditions and those related to age as determined by League veterinarians. (The League will retain final determination that such care is necessary and beneficial for the cat and can be provided within the Medical Center’s regular parameters);
  • No adoption fees for the cat;
  • Free provision of all necessary equipment at the time of adoption (litter box, 40-pound bag of cat litter, cat bed, assortment of toys, cat carrier, scratching pad, cat collar, grooming brush, and nail clippers).
I think Isabella would be happy to know that I am helping to make homes for Cats of a Certain Age (which I am sure is Much, Much older than 11).

And, y'know, if you so choose to honor Isabella's birthday (or my brother's) by also making a donation to WARL's Silver Whiskers Club ~or~ your local animal shelter, I'm very sure that Isabella (and my brother) and all the cute homeless shelter pets-to-be would be most appreciative. Isabella might even send you a Thank You card!

Have a great day!

p.s. to donate to WARL's Silver Whiskers Club, go to the website. Click on "How You Can Help." Select "Donate Now," click the "Please direct my gift to:" radio button, and then choose the Silver Whiskers Club.

p.p.s. Many thanks and HUGE *SMOOCHES* to Michelle M for the fabulously improved photos of Miss Psychokitty Isabella, Giver of the Vomit of Joy, Attacker of Feet that Move in the Night, Killer of Alien Crickets (and Stinkbugs).


  1. Donation made. Happy birthday Isabella - hope you don't party so hard that you joyvom.

  2. Wow, Isabella has the best parties. Happy birthday hon. Hope you have a special birthday dinner tonight.

  3. Today happens to be the birthday of one of my brothers as well! February 1 was a busy day!

  4. What a cool program - they pay for pre-existing and age-related health conditions?!? That is AWESOME! Happy birthday, Isabella!!! 11 is a great age! (We've had 2 cats who have lived to be 20+, so 11 is, like, middle aged. Or something. Now as a good parent, make sure you have her on a 'senior program' where they can get baseline blood sugar levels and kidney function levels, as well as whatever else they do - I can't remember...) Isabella - take full advantage of this day; get in some serious nap time, nudge your father for extra treats, and tell him that if he doesn't get you something laced with catnip, you'll hork up a hairball in best shoes. :-)

    -Dr. Liz (the dogs are asleep, but would wish Isabella a happy birthday, as long as they were standing a good distance apart - our last cat has given these two a healthy respect for cats...)

  5. Happy Birthday to Isabella!

    That is a great program.

  6. happy birthday from me and her twin!