Thursday, February 17, 2011

Explosive Poo and My Secret Super Power

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

I am back at work (yay) after an exciting day off yesterday.

How exciting was it? Let's see ... I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little out of sorts. And that's when the explosive liquid poo started. Plus vomit. Joy. Needless to say, I called out sick.
And, this was my day:

1. sleep in bed.
2. bathroom.
3. sleep on sofa.
4. repeat.

Sometimes, just to mix it up, I'd reverse the order: Sofa, bathroom, bed.

Around 4PM, I decided to have some veggie broth. Tasty.

Later that evening, my parents called with sad news. My 39-year-old cousin had a stroke and died. Pretty shocking. And he leaves behind a 13-year-old son. Poor kid. I can't say I'm all that torn up about it because (1) I'm not close with that side of the family and (2) I'm an insensitive, unfeeling bastard.

This morning, I felt better (not 100%, but well enough to come to work). As I was getting ready for work, I had a shocking realization. The last time I was visited by the Explosive Poo Monster was the day of my Uncle's funeral five (maybe 6) years ago. and, now, on the day my cousin dies, the Same. Thing. Happens!

Apparently, my Secret Super Power has been revealed: Explosive Poo at the Death of a Relative.
I can't say I'm overly pleased.

And with that mental image, enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. Umm. Wow. You have an interesting power to be sure. Hopefully that power won't be used for a good long time now. Sorry about your cousin, that is young. Eeek.

    Friends of mine had that in December. Both directions. Not fun. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Oy. Um. If you got the explosive poo the day before, it would be like an early warning system (so to speak). Otherwise, it just sort of adds insult to injury. Your cousin was young (or my age... is that young? I'm going to go with it...). Eesh. I think I'm going to go drink some carrot juice now. Feel better!

    Dr. Liz (the dogs generally don't care one way or the other about explosive poo, unless it is coming from their butts, and then they usually have some mild interest - especially since they also like to throw up to make sure I get full use out of the carpet cleaner! *grin*)

  3. Sounds to me like a touch of norovirus. Where've you been getting bad food?

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. Did you find a good Dr? Please be well before you come see us! Hugs & smooches!!!!

  5. Wow - sorry to hear about your cousin. That's a pretty crappy (not Secret anymore) Super Power. Hopefully it's just a coincidence.

  6. Anonymous9:42 AM

    You're blogging about poo. WTF.

  7. It is rather awkward when a relative you barely know dies tragically or unexpectedly. I have a huge extended family and when tragedy strikes someone I don't really know, it leaves me feeling somewhat at a loss for a proper response. So don't feel bad that this sad news hasn't shaken your world all that much. I mean, you ARE an insensitive, unfeeling bastard, but not for that reason.

  8. You sir, have a clairvoyant bowel!