Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Roars in Like a Freight Train

Good morning, Kittens!
It is finally Friday!  Hurray!  I don't know how people work a 5-day work week.  It is exhausting.  At least I have a 3-day weekend this weekend (and the next TWO weekends).  Yay!
Yesterday, after work, I had a date.  We met at Banana Cafe.  He seems very nice.  Handsome.  Well-traveled.  He has already expressed an interest in getting together again.  We shall see.
Today, after work, I am meeting my college friend, Karalee, for dinner.  We are going to Mandalay in Silver Spring.  mmmm.  Delicious Burmese food.  At least I hope it will be delicious.  I haven't been to Mandalay in ages.
Tomorrow, I have to get up bright and early, because I am catching the MegaBus to Raleigh/Durham.  I'll be hanging out with my BFF from college, Isa, and -possibly- her husband, if he can get leave (he's in the military).  I'm not really looking forward to the bus ride (5.5 hours!), but it was super cheap ($4.50 RT).  And hanging with Isa will be chock full of awesomeness.  And, we'll watch the Super Bowl.  Which is apparently some sort of game that involves balls and feet.  I'm not really into the whole foot fetish thing, but there will be food and booze ... and that is always welcome.  I am super excited that after the fourth inning of the Super Bowl there will be a  very special episode of "Glee."  Yay!
I am catching a 3PM bus home on Monday.  So I will miss the first pottery class of the semester.  Waaaah.  Oh, well.  I will go on the following Sunday.
Good times, fer sure.
Have a wonderful day and a fantabulous weekend!


  1. Food, booze and the commercials. That's all I care about when the Super Bowl is on. I thought this was amusing. Especially the bet on Christina:

    Have fun!

  2. Um, I don't think football has "innings". Can't halp the snark today.