Thursday, February 03, 2011

I am Sheep. Here Me Baa.

Good morning, kittens.
As you may know, the Verizon iPhone went on sale this morning at 3AM.  I had debated setting my alarm to get up at that time to order it.  However, common sense and the Need for Sleep prevailed and I did not set my alarm.
However, at precisely 3:01 this morning, I awoke with a start.  I took that as a sign that GOD HIMSELF wanted me to buy the Verizon iPhone.  So I did.  And, then, I went back to bed.
My monthly phone bill is going to increase from about $70 to about $100.  Fortunately, because our wonderful President Obama reduced the Social Security Tax from 6.2% to 4.3%, my take home pay has increased about $60 per month.  Thus, I have enough to cover my increased bill *and* buy a fifth of Really Good Gin.  EVERY MONTH!  How sweet is that?  How awesome is President Obama? 
(Also, I should be getting a rather substantial bonus from my company, so that's how I'm paying for the Verizon iPhone itself.  Do you think since I have now mentioned "Verizon iPhone" 4 times in this relatively short post, Verizon will offer me some sort of sweet endorsement deal?  or a discount?  That would be fantastic. Verizon, I am waiting.)
We are not going to even think about how having a Verizon iPhone (5 times!) will totally enable my internet addiction.
In other news, Isabella is still 11.  She is loving her new Organic Catnip Mouse.  And, she sincerely thanks all of you who made a donation to either WARL or your local animal shelter in her honor.
Yesterday, I did laundry. Hurrah.  Both machines had been broken for nearly two weeks.  I was assured by the Board that they machines were fixed.  So, when I hauled over my Very Heavy Basket of Laundry to the laundry room, I was disappointed to learn that "fixed" means" "full of water" ... Well, one washer was working. The other was full of water.  It took me a bit longer than usual to do two loads.  And I didn't have the energy to start another one (although I really need to wash towels and sheets.  Maybe next week).
Oh, and on Tuesday, I had dinner with one of the guys from the Summer of Fun.  I can't remember his letter.  Maybe D?  I had been hoping that I would have been able to continue to date him beyond the Summer of Fun, but the Fates had other things in mind.  He was out of town a lot.  And going through a career crisis.  And a roommate crisis.  And, really, who needs to deal with all that?  Not me.  ANYWAY, all of that seems to be behind him.  We had a good dinner and a fun talk.  I don't foresee anything romantic happening though.  Alas.
AND, tonight, after work, I am finally meeting up with this guy who I've been trying to meet up with for weeks.  We've had to postpone twice.  Once because I was sick and once because he had some sort of work emergency.  Hopefully this time it will happen.  *fingers crossed*
I guess that's it.
Have a great day!


  1. Verizon is an evil poopyhead, but if they decided to give you an endorsement deal, I'd still be happy for you.

  2. Best o'luck on the dinner date. We, your loyal readers, DO expect details ya know? At least some of us do. Okay, only me, but still, I want details! :)


  3. When you get it, add the app "Words with Friends" and we can get our scrabble on. It's free or .99 if you don't want the advertising.