Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GTL. Minus the T, and the G, and Possibly the L

Good Morning, Kittens.
Just a quick update today, because nothing has really happened of consequence.
Yesterday, I didn't go to the gym.  I am bad.  I decided, instead, to cook enough food to last for a couple of meals.
I made a basic pasta sauce.  I am thinking of following the Fabulous Lora's soup idea (which she blogged about here) with the sauce.  Each day I can add something new to it until it is gone.  Yay!  I started with onion, yellow bell pepper, a can of diced tomatoes, and spiced it all up with Herbs de Provence.  Nomz.  Maybe today I'll add mushrooms!  Or broccoli!  Mmmmm ...
So, rather than go to the gym, I cooked and ate.  Hm.  Counterproductive?  Perhaps.
Today, I need to do laundry.  Unless our machines are still broken (or have broken again or have exploded).  If the machines are non-working, I will go to the gym.  See?  Fit!  Healthy!  Yay!
But I will still have dirty clothes.  Life is hard.
Have a great day!


  1. As long as your gym clothes are clean, I think you'll be okay! ;-) You could always come here and do laundry. Bring Isabella, too (don't worry, the doggies have a Very Healthy Respect for kittehs - we had a Maine Coon who used to bully every dog he encountered). Just offering... ;-)

    -Dr. Liz (the aforementioned doggies are eyeing the frisbee with intensity...)

  2. I love cooking meals ahead of time. It makes me like an efficient 1950s housewife.

  3. rn terri11:08 AM

    My laundry is completely out of control....

  4. Laundry. I should do mine.

    The soup thing is fantastic. I'm definitely going to do that.

  5. yay! i love your pasta idea!

    Did I tell you that it actually came out of eating pasta? the short story is that when I was in high school, my mom wouldn't feed me (sob) because I had a job (neglect) and I could buy my own food.

    So, I started with buttered or oiled noodles and went through the week from there. And by Friday, I had an amazing primavera with just a little bit of pasta as the base.

    Necessity is the mother of all invention. Thank all that is holy that I was parented so terribly. Who knows what I would have been otherwise!