Friday, February 11, 2011

Lack of Excitement

Good Morning, my sweet sweet kittens.
Not much has been going on, hence the lack of postings.  One day seamlessly melts into the next - eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, try to do laundry but learn that BOTH machines are still borked, drink.  Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.
I haven't even been able to drag my sorry self to the gym.   *ugh*
That is all going to change today though.  For today, Friday the 11th, the excitement begins ... after work.
Once home, I *am* (as Gawd as mah witness) going to the gym.  And I am going to do some sort of exercise like thing.  And try not to die.  After gyming, I am going home to order pizza and drink champagne.  And, maybe, just maybe, watch "Rush Hour 3."
Saturday, I am going to do housecleaning in the morning.  I am currently living in a cesspool of filth and humanity.  I think even the cat is disgusted by the layer of cat hair which coats all surfaces.  Saturday afternoon I have a little coffee date.  And, then, Saturday night, Eric from Baltimore is coming down and he and I and Tomokito and SCGB and -possibly- a few others are hitting Town to dance dance dance the night away.
Sunday, I am going to the gym again (if I can crawl out of bed).  And, then, I am going to the pottery studio.  Yay!
Monday (the dreaded V-Day), I am off.  Yay!  So, I will go to the laundromat (because, if I haven't mentioned it in awhile, BOTH our washing machines are borked).  Isn't that the most romantic Valentine's Day activity ever? AND, then, in the evening, I will go to pottery class. 
So exciting.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Any way you could install your own washer and dryer in your condo somewhere? A closet? Ugh. I hate being at the mercy of others.

    Have a fun weekend. Then you can come clean my house. I keep saying I'm going to do it and then ....

  2. Can you not call for unborking yourself? Maybe you will have one of those Moments at the laundromat.

  3. I am sooooo glad to have an in-suite washer/dryer.

    Yay for the gym!

  4. rn terri12:49 PM

    Sorry about your laundry woes...