Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Yesterday? Not My Day.

Good morning, kittens.
Yesterday was not the best of days. 
For one thing, I started missing D.  It really sucks when you meet someone with whom you really click, but he's going through some s**t and doesn't seem to have the time/desire to date.  At least that's my impression.  It could also be that he really wasn't all that in to me (which is kind of hard to believe.  I am fabulous) and used the whole Life Crisis thing as an excuse.
But, I've decided to not contact him until mid-month, when he leaves for a 10 day vacation.  And all I will say is "have a safe trip" or something to that effect.  In the meantime, the cranberry juice which I bought for him to drink when he was supposed to come over remains undrunk.  And the DVD we were going to watch remains unwatched.  *sigh*
At some point, I suppose I will get thirsty and desire entertainment ... and those stupid little hurdles will be crossed.
And, I guess I eventually will stick my toe back in the dating pool again, too.  Because, as they say, you can't win if you don't play.
Meanwhile, K-Factor did not go to pottery class last night, which meant I had to take the Metro ... which meant I had to rush home and rush around the house trying to get my stuff together and eat and change.  During that chaotic scramble, I slammed my wrist into my bedroom doorknob.  Owzer.  There is now a cute little welt. 
Then, at pottery, the five mugs I made at the end of the summer session were finally glaze fired.  Unfortunately, on 3 of the 5 the glaze ran and stuck to the kiln.  So, I had to use this motorized grindery thing to smooth out the glaze at the base of the mug.  And, in case you didn't know, friction makes things hot.  As I was turning one of the mugs to grind another spot, my finger touched where I had been previously grinding.  And, Owzer.  It burnssssss us.  There is now a cute little blister on my left index finger.  See? That made throwing a pots very difficult.
I did manage to ruin a halfway decent bowl.  Luckily, Gina (the instructor) helped fix it.  Yay. 
Stay tuned for photos of the 5 mugs.  And possibly a give-away ...
On the bright side, a certain leporiphilic* internet friend mailed me a Very Special Gift - the first 8 episodes of Mad Men 4 and lots and lots of music. I haven't had time to watch/listen, but soon ... very very soon.  At least, it's not all bad news, right?
Have a great day!  *smooches*
*I'm not sure, but I may have just made up a word.


  1. Aww, sweetie, I'm sorry. About everything.

    Hopefully today is less painful, both physically and emotionally.

    And you're right to not contact him for a bit. If he feels the way about you that you do about him, he'll call before then. If not, well.....then at least you knwo where you stand.

    And just continue to remember, you ARE fabulous!


  2. Wow, maybe you'll meet a cute EMT who can kiss all those boo-boos better. That was a rough day. Mojo and hugs that at least today doesn't result in any more physical injuries.

  3. rn terri10:13 AM

    Hell yeah, you're fabulous! Sorry your day was full of the suck. Mine was too. :(

  4. I'm not sure why the cranberry juice hasn't found its unity with vodka yet.

  5. Dude, you are totally fabulous! Love will find you if you don't find it.

    I *hate* burns! HATESES them.

    I can't believe you got the cd/dvd already. I mailed them Friday night after work. Enjoy!

  6. I agree with GayProf, make a Vodka Cranberry and toast your fabulosity!

  7. john is the nicest leporiphilic ever!

    Only someone who is superfabulous would have cute wounds - but be careful!