Friday, October 15, 2010

Almost the Weekend

Good Morning, Kittens!
Once again, I must despair over the dirth of entries into the "Show Me Your Best Mugshot" Contest.  C'mon people.  I have pottery to give away.  You know you want it.  I think I'm going to set the deadline for entries as Friday, October 22nd.  Enter now for your chance to win.  All I need is a mugshot.  How hard is that?
In other news, I am out of dry vermouth.  Must go to likker store soon. 
Yesterday, I went running.  It was good.  I spent most of yesterday gorging on Halloween candy and the run helped to get rid of my major Sugar Buzz.  My knee hurts this morning though.  I have two more weeks to get up to speed for the Marine Corps Marathon 10K.  Gah.
And, the weekend is fast approaching. Huzzah.  AND, it's a three-day weekend.  Double HUZZAH!  After work, a current co-worker and I are meeting a former co-worker (formerly known as the Skankified Ho) and her new beau for happy hour in Eastern Market.  Boozy good times will ensue, I'm sure.
Saturday, I need to run.  And I need to clean.  And I need to do a little yardwork.
Sunday, I am going to the pottery studio for a couple of hours.  Then, I have a date.
No plans on Monday (other than pottery class in the evening) ... but I will probably be doing more cleaning and yardwork.
Have a great day!


  1. Sorry, it's my fault. I tweeted that I had the contest in the bag and everyone else chickened out. xo, A

  2. rn terri11:18 AM

    I'm not sure how to do it. How do I link to my facebook mugshot?

  3. I would participate, but it seems like a lot of work.

  4. I just haven't picked a picture yet.

    Have fun on your date : ).

  5. I sent them to your e-mailz.

  6. Here's mine:

  7. WHOA! Por que tu tienes una fin de semana con tres dias?!?

  8. Since I already have a VUBOQ original, chosen for me by the man himself, I don't think it's fair that I enter a contest for another piece. Otherwide, I'd be ALL over this baby like white on rice.


  9. "Dirth"? Is this another of your intentional misspellings that's meant to be funny?

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