Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Little More Light Hearted

Good Morning, Kittens. 
After yesterday's rather heavy post, how about some fluff?
Like, my New Winter Coat! Kenneth Cole!  Purchased from Hautelook!  Greatly reduced!  Wool!  Hurrah!  Warm and snuggly FTW.
And, FLOWERS!  From my neighbor, K-Factor.  Who said, "Sorry, they aren't purple, but they are purple-ish."
And, a NEW BELT (no pic.  sorry) from the Canadian (who is K-Factor's BF), who said that the belt was Just Too Crazy for him to wear.  So, of course, I had imagined something sparkly or with studs or something.  But, no, it's ... well ... it's pretty much a plain black belt.  Interesting ...
And, finally, the Show Me Your Best Mugshot Contest has EIGHT entries thus far.  It's not too late to enter.  You have until tomorrow (at, what? say, midnight EST?). Send me your mugshots.  We have a stellar (and foreign!) judge lined up!  Yay!
Have a great day!  *smooches*


  1. Flowers? You lucky boy you. They're beautiful. I'm sure you'll look very handsome trudging through the snow in your coat. Oh wait, you don't get snow ... usually.

  2. Once again, what Tam said.

  3. Purple is better than purple-ish. Purple-ish is better than any other color. Thus is the scheme of things in Poltland.


  4. I wore purple today too, for good measure. (It doesn't hurt that I look fab in purple.) xox

  5. Crap. I missed the mugshot deadline. A little chaos (nothing serious, but distracting) prevented me from focusing on the truly important things in life. I suck... But I'm still trying to figure out why that belt was too wild and crazy....

    -Dr. Liz (not Fiona the dog)