Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Have a Winnarz!

Good Morning, Kittens!
Remember the "Show Me Your Best Mugshot" Contest?  Well, the Canadian has provided us with a winnar!  YAY!
And, I would LOVE to show you the winning photo, but -since I'm at work and have to update via email- I can't.  Sorry.
Oh, wait.  I just remembered she sent it via twitpic.  Here's a link:
ANYWAYz, congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, ShallowGal, for exquisite photo of the Salahis in one of the mugs.  Funnily enough, this was also my pick for the win.  Apparently, I have Canadian tastes in mugshots?
ShallowGal, please choose one of the four mugs pictured below as your prize ...
(Haha.  Who am I kidding?  I can't post pictures.)
So, um, ShallowGal, click on these fun links and choose your mug:
Second, Third, and Fourth Places to be announced later this week.  (See how I'm able to drag this contest out for dayz? It's a desperate tactic on my part to increase readership.  Ok.  Not, really.) ... I'm just lazy.
In other news ... last night, I went for a little run.  Because I go home later than usual (stupid Red Line.  *curses*), I decided to run on the sort of well-lit track rather than the dark and scary park trail.  The only problem with running on a track is that I lose track of how many laps I have made.  I may have run 3 miles.  or 1.5.  I have no idea.  It seemed like I ran for a long time at least.
And, that's about it.  Have a great day!


  1. Yay to life's winners.

  2. Yay Me! Mug #1 please!

    xo, SG

  3. Congratulations ShallowGal : ).