Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Update: Run for the Hills Edition

Good morning, Kittens!

Well, we did it! I finished the Army 10-Miler and didn't die (completely).

My official results were:

Net Time: 1:39:09
Pace: 9:54
Overall: 12321/21914
Gender: 8359/12245
Age Div (40-44): 1411/2103

Not too bad. My pre-surgery goal was to complete it in under 1:30. My post-surgery-i-couldn't-train-as-much goal was to complete it in under 2 hours. So, Yay me! I guess at some point there will be photos posted and I will be able to snag them.

As for the rest of the weekend, on Friday, I slept in (yay!) and, then, went to pick-up my race packet. After that, I went to the pottery studio. I spent most of the time trimming and attaching handles ...

Pitcher and Mug

Then, I had a boozy late lunch at Adega.

Spent the rest of the afternoon/evening knitting and watching Mad Men.

Saturday was such a beautiful day! I wandered around Downtown Silver Spring for quite some time. Then, I came home and blobbed and knitted and watched Mad Men. I also cooked pasta for dinner (carb-loading before the big race).

Sunday was the race. Afterwards, I came home. Took a nap. Ate a little bit. Then, Tomokito, K-Factor, and I walked up to McGintys for Post-Army 10-Miler Drink-a-thon. That was a lot of fun. Gayle and the Nuge joined us. And Mario. And SCGB. And a couple of Gayle's friends. Good times!

I came home, knat and watched the last two episodes of Downton Abbey, Season 1. So good. AND, I am almost finished my BFF's PandaScarf:

It's going to be sooooo cute (I hope).

And that's about it (so far). I am off today and have lots of fun plans!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Congratulations on your successful run!

    The scarf looks pretty good. I hope you post a picture when it's finished.

  2. Congrats on completing it. I'm sure i would have collapsed and died a few steps from the starting line. :)


  3. Good for you on the run! I like the twisted handles and I can't wait to see the completed scarf.

    I'm on the second season of Mad Men and am loving it. Last night:
    Arthur: You're so profoundly sad.
    Betty: No. It's just that my people are Nordic.

    Ha - love it!!

  4. Those twisted handles are adorbs.

    I love Downton Abbey SO MUCH.

    My verification word is "ballycle." Do with that what you will.