Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Rambling

Good Afternoon, Kittens! Look, I'm getting all 100 Days of October!

It would seem I haven't blogged since Wednesday morning. Hm.

So, lessee ... Wednesday night I did Laundry.

Thursday, I blobbed (and picked up my MCM 10K Bib).

Friday, I had a long, unproductive meeting. Then, I picked up my MCM 10K T-shirt (a.k.a. the not nearly as cute as last years and quite possibly the ugliest t-shirt ever). For comparison's sake, here's last year's shirt. After work, I met a friend at the Ritz-Carlton for happy hour. That was fun.

Then, I came home and froze. Apparently, our heat stopped working (some problem with the thermostat). It is working now (obv):

I have been cleaning and running errands (in the "wintry mix") all day today. I am hosting a post-Marathon soirree for Tomokito and the rest of her Run for Japan team tomorrow evening. It should be fun (and it's making me get my house all cleanish.

Tomorrow, I'll get up and run the 10K. Then, I'll go hang out along the route to cheer on my friends who are running the marathon. Should be a good time ... unless it is too cold. I have my superspecial (and expensive!) running gloves and hat ready to wear.

Oh, so there is an interesting story behind my whole running the MCM 10K this year. I wasn't planning on it at all, except a certain Mom Who Marathons, emailed me and said she signed up. So I signed up to run with her. BUT, then, she couldn't make it.

Fortunately, my SuperCute Friend (and ex), Ray, is taking her bib and running as the Hot 40-Year-Old Mom Who Marathons. Yay! I won't be running alone.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. Aw, Isabella is so cute! My tortie-tabby would love a radiator like that - mine are narrow and close to the wall, so she can't lie along them, but she likes to press her feet against them and huddle against the foot of them whilst looking reproachful...

  2. I don't guess saying "Break a leg" is appropriate here. So . . . um . . . "Merde"?

    Pretty mums!